December 2016 Update

Punchpass Logo with Happy Holidays Greeting

Dear Friends,

It’s been a wonderful year for us here at Punchpass, and we hope you’ve had a great one too.  Thanks so much for your support along the way – we’ve accomplished a lot together. More to come in 2017!

We’re looking forward to spending some time with friends and family over the holidays, and we hope you have a chance to do the same. Have a fantastic holiday and a happy new year!

Chris & Sharon

We’ve got a few last goodies for you before 2016 comes to a close. Read on for details…

New: Schedule Notices

You can now add a notice to any day on your schedule. Let customers know your studio is closed or that there is a special event happening! Notices appear on both the list and calendar view. They’re visible to your customers and internally to you.

Click the green “Classes” button from your home screen to add a notice. We’ve kept it simple: notices can be created for a single day only. They cannot be edited - just added or deleted.

Adding a notice does NOT delete the classes on that day. If classes remain, the notice is placed above them.

Screen shot of a Punchpass schedule notice showing that the studio is closed on New Year's Day

New: Calendar Hub To Manage Your Classes

The Classes page in Punchpass has been revamped. It’s now a calendar view, and it matches the layout & colors you set up for your public calendar. There are buttons that allow you to quickly jump between months.

The goal of this page is to give you a single place to manage your schedule. Read below for more details about specific features that we’ve added here.

Screen shot of the Classes Calendar Hub in Punchpass, used to manage a studio's schedule and easily make changes on the fly

New: Calendar Filters

We’ve added filters to the public schedules, as well as to your internal view of the Classes page. Currently, you can filter the schedule by class name or location.

An image of Punchpass' online class schedule and the filter which allows the user to filter by class name or location

New: Dropdowns For Easy Schedule Changes

When you’re viewing the Classes page, dropdown menus appear for each class and day to give you quick shortcuts to common actions:

An image showing the options for making easy class changes on Punchpass when managing your studio's schedule

An image showing how to easily make changes to a day's schedule on Punchpass

New: See All Customers Who’ve Ever Attended A Particular Class

Have you ever wanted to find everyone who has ever attended a particular class, regardless of when it was offered?

We added a report in Attendances that lets you choose a course from the dropdown to show all the customers who have ever attended that class at any day/time. We also show you how many times they have attended that class. You can email clients right from there too!

An image showing the the way to access the report that shows every customer who's ever attended a certain class.

Improved: List View of All Classes

We gave the list view of your classes a facelift. Come here to see your class notes at a glance. Just click over from the new calendar view to see it.

An image showing how to easily make changes to a day's schedule on Punchpass

Other Improvements & Tweaks

We now let you know how many customers you had over the month – not just how many attendances. In your the monthly attendances report we now show the number of unique customers who attended class, along with the total # of attendances.

An image showing how to see the number of unique customers that have attended class during the current month.

Spread The Word

We’d love to see Punchpass in the hands of ALL the studios and teachers who would benefit. Your kind words about Punchpass go a long way with your community. So please share the love! We’d be grateful.

A customer quote about Punchpass says: Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You guys are the ABSOLUTE BEST!