NEW! Color Coded Calendar & Locations

We’re thrilled to introduce (not one but) two new features to help make your schedule even easier to read and understand:  Custom Colors and Locations.  Here’s how they work…

Custom Colors!

You can now assign each class in Punchpass a particular color.  We’ll then flag that class on the public calendar with that color.  Here’s how it looks to your customers:

This gives you all sorts of flexibility.  Highlight classes that are series.  Highlight special events.  Color code classes according to studio location.  Or ability level required.  Whatever you’d like!

To customize your colors, just go to Manage Account.  Click on each class definition and “Edit the Class”.  You’ll see a little color box you can use to change the color from the default to the color of your choice. 


There is now a field called ‘Location’ for every course.  We display it directly below the class name on both the list and the calendar schedule.

However, the location doesn’t have to be a location!  It can be whatever you’d like.  Think of it as a custom field you can use to tell your customers more information about the class.  Just like the colors, you change it by editing the class definition within Manage Account.

Hope these new features are useful and FUN for you and your customers!