Merge & Purge Your Customer Duplicates

You can now easily merge two customer accounts together in Punchpass.  This is a handy tool that allows admin users to clean up duplicate accounts.  Here’s how to do it.

First, you should determine which of the two duplicates has the most current notes, address, phone, and health information. This account should be the “Winner” of the merge (since those details aren’t merged).  The Winner’s duplicate account is the “Loser” in the process.   

Go to the account of the customer you’ve chosen as the Winner of the merge. 

If you are a Punchpass admin user you’ll see a link to ‘Merge With Another Customer’

Click it, and you’ll be on the merge page.  Here, you need to choose the Loser of the merge - that is the customer whose pass & class information will be copied to the Winner’s account.

Click Merge Customers and that is it - the information is moved to the Winner.

The Loser is NOT deleted - we append ‘-MERGED’ to the last name of the customer so they are easy to find.  

Once you have double-checked both accounts and everything looks good, you can manually delete the duplicate customer.

What is copied:  All of the passes purchased, attendance history, reservations (past & future), and purchase history.

What is NOT copied:  Any notes, address information, phone, health status.  All of this should be copied manually since often there are judgment calls to be made on what is kept.

Remember that you should clean up your duplicate emails & duplicate customer accounts before enabling Auto Matching or the soon-to-be-released Customer Logins feature!

P.S. We need to credit Highrise & 37signals with coming up with the winner/loser workflow.  Great way to explain a dangerous concept!