Class Reservation Improvements

Happy New Year! We’ve been busy working on Punchpass and have exciting improvements planned for 2015. So let’s get right to the first ones….improvements to the online class reservation process and online schedule.

Show Spots Left In A Class & Mark Class As Cancelled

If a class has been marked as having a limited # of participants, Punchpass shows the number of spots left on the class schedule. Very helpful for classes with a limited # of spots.

You can also mark a class as cancelled, and it will be flagged that way on the schedule. Deleting a class often confuses regular customers, since it then doesn’t show on the schedule. In some cases it’s better to leave the class on the calendar, but show it’s been cancelled. Customers cannot reserve spots in cancelled classes.

You mark a class as cancelled by clicking on it in your class schedule - there will be a link up top to mark it cancelled.

Customers Can Now Cancel Reservations

A highly requested feature - now every online reservation confirmation email contains a custom link your customer can click to cancel their reservation!

Here is what the link looks like:

You are able to set a cancellation policy within Punchpass that prevents someone from canceling a class a certain # of hours before the class starts. The default is 24 hours, or 1 day. To set yours go to Manage Account, then Manage Reservation Settings.

When your customer clicks on that link, if they are within the ‘no cancel’ window they see this message:

If they ARE eligible to cancel then they see a simple page with a cancel reservation button. Clicking it deletes the reservation.

One important note - if you mark a customer as attending the class in advance, if they cancel the reservation it will NOT remove the attendance. So it’s best not to mark people as attending until you are inside the ‘no cancellations’ window you have set for your business.