NEW! Quick Reservations & Clear Class Status

We’ve got TWO new additions to Punchpass! These features will help you maximize attendance and give you a clearer window into your upcoming classes.

Quick Customer Reservations From The Class Details Page

Now you can quickly add customer reservations for an upcoming class right from the class details page. This makes adding multiple customers to a single class MUCH faster - no more jumping around from customer account to customer account.

You can choose to send an email confirmation receipt from here as well.

Further, we give you visibility into the status of the class - how many spots are left? Is the class full? Over booked?


4 Days of Enhanced Class Status Now On Your Homepage

Now when you’re on your Punchpass home page, you’ll see great details about your next 4 days’ worth of classes right there. We show you how many reservations you’ve received, if the class is limited how many spots are left, and if the class is full or over booked.

So when a customer wants to know if there is room in the pilates class this Thursday, you’ll know at a glance. If there’s space, just click and book ‘em in!

Punchpass (1).png

Hope you love the new features!