New - Add Customer Class Reservations Directly From Punchpass

Many times a customer may ask you to reserve a spot in a class (or a number of classes) for them. Today that is simple to do right from Punchpass.

First go to the customer’s detail page. There is a new button that says “Create Class Reservations For Customer”. Click it, and a dropdown will appear.

This is a list of all the upcoming classes on your schedule. You register the customer for classes by simply checking off one or more of them, and clicking ‘Register customer for Classes’.

Punchpass shows you the number of spots left in class, BUT will let you register a customer even if the class is full. (We will then show a negative # for spots left here.) This gives you the flexibility to add a customer in a special circumstance.

If you would like to send an email receipt for each of the registrations, simply check off the option to do so up top. That way the customer will receive the standard confirmation email along with a cancellation link. This is un-checked by default.

Because you are adding the reservation right from the customer’s account, there is no need to process the reservation. (No need to match a reservation to a customer since it’s already done!)

To see which classes the customer has reserved space in, there is now a section that lists those upcoming classes in their account. So you can see which classes they will be attending, but haven’t yet been charged to a card.