New Feature - Inactive Passes

We’ve added the ability to mark a Pass as either ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’. Inactive passes are available for sale, but are NOT eligible to be used when the system is assigning a pass to a class attendance. This means you can sell a pass for use in the future, today!

Example Use Case: A Punchpass client is selling special Unlimited passes for the month of September. Customers are buying them now - by marking the pass as Inactive she can sell the passes, but those September passes won’t be used for any current class attendances. On Sept 1st she will change the pass to be Active and that pass will be eligible for class attendances.

Here’s how it works:

When you set up the pass (In the Manage Account section) you can mark it as Active or Inactive.

The Pass will then show in your pass list with an ‘Inactive’ flag as a reminder.

We’ll be enhancing this functionality in the future, so please let us know why/how you are using it!