Zoom + Punchpass: Simplify Your Online Fitness, Yoga & Dance Classes

With Punchpass's super-simple integration, you can put your schedule online, get advance bookings and track attendance.

1-Click Simplicity...

1 click and a class is marked as an online class, and the Zoom meeting created in your Zoom account.

Customers Receive The Class Link Automatically...

The Zoom Join URL is attached to the Punchpass class, and we let clients know with the Reservation confirmation, reminder, and class starting soon emails.

Transition Existing Classes Online Immediately

Creating a class schedule and accepting reservations with Punchpass has always been fast. Now it's just as easy to offer online classes through Punchpass.

  • Create the Zoom meeting automatically with 1 click
  • Classes are highlighted as 'Online Class' on your public Punchpass schedule
  • Punchpass handles letting your customers know about the class. The link to join is included in all the confirmation emails, and we also remind them 20 minutes before class.
  • Easily email all customers who reserved the Zoom recording link, so they have a copy.

Keep Your Community Thriving

Keep Customers Engaged

Your customers don't want generic online classes - they want YOU.

It's Easier Than You Think

Getting started is very simple. We give you the tools to start simple and grow from there.

Reduce Your Income Stress

Online classes let you keep an income stream during uncertain times, and reach more customers.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Online classes let you continue to be a regular presence in your customers lives and routine.

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