How to Create a Successful Group Fitness Schedule for Your Studio

Your class schedule is the backbone of your fitness business. By having the right set of classes arranged properly on your calendar, you can ensure a steady stream of students and a successful studio.

But how do you take all of the competing factors into consideration? Can you optimize your schedule without playing a guessing game?

In this webinar, we'll show you proven, researched methods to design a schedule that drives growth for your fitness studio. You'll learn:
- How many classes to offer, and when, to maximize attendance.
- Where to put your most popular instructors on your schedule (and the newbies!).
- Which class types will draw the most students (and new business!) to your studio and how long each class should run.

Take the stress & guesswork out of scheduling. Join us and discover the magic formula for creating your perfect group fitness schedule.

How to Create a Successful Group Fitness Schedule for Your Studio
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