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Here's an overview of Punchpass so you can see for yourself how easy it is to run your business with our powerful and elegant platform.

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Punchpass Webinar Introduction

Well everyone, I see a couple people are joining us now.  We are just going to wait about a minute and make sure everyone can join who wants to attend live.  Just as a reminder, we’ll be sending out the recording to this webinar to everyone who signed up. So if you do need to jump out early, you can definitely do that. We'll send you the whole recording, and we'll get started in just a few minutes. Well, it looks like we’ve got a lot of people here who have joined; who rsvp'd, so I think we can go ahead and get started. Overview of Punchpass Webinar
Hello everyone. My name is Victoria and I am the customer support specialist with Punchpass.  And today we're really getting into a lot about who Punchpass is and what we have to offer, showing off some live demo capabilities so you can see how it's really easy to  use and what you might be interested in using for yourself. We're getting a little bit more information. If you're already in a trial, I'm just highlighting some of the things that we think really make our solution a great option out there for you. We have a free trial which we’ll be talking about, and we'll also be doing questions at the end. So if questions come up as you're getting through it, feel free to add that to the chat.  And we'll get to that at the end of our demo. So we'll go ahead and get started.

Who Needs Punchpass
So in terms of who needs Punchpass, who might be interested, and obviously we're hoping the answer is you, but just to see if any of these things start to sound familiar, we definitely cater to a lot of fitness enthusiasts: yoga studios, dance studios, gyms, and really anyone who teaches classes.  We have woodworking studios and jewelry making studios and a lot of different opportunities out there.  We’re very flexible, but we definitely have a lot of people using us in the fitness world.  So if that sounds like you, you might be in the right place.  And these are some things that people who are interested in Punchpass or using Punchpass are really interested in doing:  managing their booking; tracking payments; and managing online classes. Something that people might be stuck in-- some old-school features: some paper and pens; some spreadsheets; maybe unsure how to track multiple different payment types and keeping an eye on people passes and if they paid for their class yet; and of course, moving into the virtual world with online classes; managing that and managing all the booking and payments that go along with your live streaming. So if that sounds like you, again you might be in the right place  if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by maybe some outdated technologies, using paper; using spreadsheets; trying to make your own system work for you,or maybe you're working with some outdated and expensive software that's just again not working for you. So if that's the case, then there are certainly some solutions. Of course, we also like to highlight people who are just getting started.  If this is your first venture into offering classes and managing classes,  Punchpass might be the exact kind of tool you're looking for to help you get started, and really direct you and give you resources on what to do, and how to make this work for your business. Of course, there's a lot of things that you could be using.  I think a lot of people like to start out with say paper, pens, filing systems, and they think they're going to keep it really organized and really neat, and that'll work for them. But it usually ends up with things a little bit more like this and not really doing you any favors. We also talked to a lot of people who move to Punchpass from just trying to use Excel and Google Sheets, and trying to make that system work for them almost requires a whole degree in accounting.  And that's not something we expect of you if you're going to be interested in starting a fitness studio or offering classes. So that's something that might not be really the right solution for you and also some clunking outdated software. We are constantly innovating all the time. We think you probably are a business trying to make your classes work today. You're innovating; you're keeping up with it; and you think your software should too. So that's why we really like to focus on what we have to offer.

Punchpass - The Friendly Alternative
Punchpass we think offers a friendly alternative to some of the other options, the other systems out there. You're going to get to know us pretty well, and we’re going to get to know you pretty well if you decide to move forward with Punchpass as your system for your studio.  And we like to really focus on keeping it a really nice friendly feel of a community experience and that is what we know a lot of you were trying to do with your business and that's what we're trying to do as well.  And we understand being a small business, which Punchpass is a small business.  You'll get to know us by name.  And we think we understand how you have to operate, and how you have to focus on things like keeping your bottom line low, and really focus on how you can make your classes and sharing your passion the most important thing that you have to offer. So maybe focusing on software isn't the thing you want to do all day long.  We get it.  And I think that's something that we always highlight in talking to people who are interested in Punchpass, we're also super flexible. We understand (I think like anyone today) that you need to be able to make changes and offer different types of classes; engage with different types of people and make that work for you. So we feel the same way. You can change your plan on Punchpass any time.  We let you do that.  You can reach out to us if you have any questions; if you have any recommendations.  

Ease of Use of System
Almost all of our updates are usually based on the input we get from our users. So we try to be really flexible. We try to stay ahead of the curve. And that's what you'll get if you decide to partner with us.  One of the things that we always like to focus on is the ease of use of our system. We really want to make sure that Punchpass is the friendliest system out there-- the friendliest software you can choose to manage your classes because again, we understand you should not need a computer degree to run your yoga studio or offer dance classes. We want you to leave the technology to the professionals.  And we'll make that really easy for you to do-- just let the system do what it does, and you won't have to spend as much time on the administrative side of things.

Support from Support Team
We're also hugely focused on support, our support team, which I'm a member of. ¬†We really like to focus on getting you answers in a timely fashion. We have a great chat feature on our website, which you might have used already. We offer calls so you can schedule calls with us, and we have a lot of ¬†‚Äú how-to's.‚ÄĚ ¬† We have these monthly webinars. We give a lot of information out to make sure that Punchpass is easy for you. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. ¬†And we'll get to some of our reviews later, but you'll notice a theme, I think, when you hear about our support from Punchpass users.

Class Management Tool
We're also really focused on offering a class management tool for things that are going to work for you today, but are also going to help you down the road. So we're always innovating. We're always adding features, but we're also recognizing that the world changes and things need to change with it. So we're trying to stay ahead of the curve, and we know you are too.  And so if that's the kind of partner you're looking for, then we think Punchpass might be the right fit for you.

Pricing of Plans for Your Situation
Some reasons why you might want to decide to go with Punchpass for your business, one reason is we price our plans with your situation in mind. We understand that you don't have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to put towards your software, especially if you're just starting out or especially if you may be experiencing some trouble, and you're looking to make a better choice for you, and maybe partner with someone who's going to focus on that and help improve your business, and provide you resources to allow you to focus on that as well. So our pricing will reflect that.  We like to make things really easy not just for you, of course, we want to make it really easy for you to get set up and use Punchpass, but we also want to make it really easy for your customers, your clients who are going to be booking and paying and using Punchpass a lot in order to interact with you and set up classes.  And that's what we're going to focus on with our demo today. But just something that you'll see as we go through it, we give you a lot of options, but when it comes to your client’s life, to make it easy for them.  And I think you will get the feel for that shortly. But basically the focus is to keep your focus on what you're doing and allow us to help you make your business run smoothly without having to spend hours and hours on the administrative side. We want to make sure that it's easy for you to get up and running. We really focus on that in our trial, but also making sure that the system works for you and that it's the right system for you so that you can spend your time growing your business, marketing, teaching classes, spending time with your family; all different things that you might prioritize over being in front of your computer all day trying to figure out the administrative side of things.  We want to take that off your plate, and I think you'll see how that's pretty easy to do once you start testing out Punchpass.  

What Demo Covers‚ÄĒCustomer Experience
So we're going to get into the demo in just a moment.  I just want to cover what you're going to see, and what we're going to go through in our demo.  And the first thing is we're going to cover the customer experience: what it looks like from the public schedule side; how they can make reservations; the login feature requiring passes to book; some different flexible features we offer; and also how it looks for a customer to book an online class and using our Zoom integration.  We’ll also do a bit of an overview on the admin side so you can get a feel for how Punchpass works. We're going to show off the navigation within the site and also highlight some settings, and where you go in the site to do different things. We’ll also mention later that we have a full demo for setting up an account in Punchpass, and we're going to recommend you definitely check that out if this seems interesting to you.  But I'm going to go ahead and get our slides here and head into the public side of things.  So what you're looking at here is a demo site that we've created, and you are welcome to go to it at any point and play around with it. It's, and that is a custom URL that you're able to create for your business. So everyone who signs up with Punchpass gets their own Punchpass page, and you can brand your link so it's easy for your customers to find.  It's easy for you to type and share out and that's where your customers will go most of the time when they're going to book.  At the top, you'll see we have a lot of buttons here. Some of this depends on the plan that you're going with in Punchpass, but you'll see we're on our Banyan plan here. So we have our purchases pass page for making payments, our schedule view which is a list view of the classes, as well as a calendar view if people prefer to see that in a calendar line up.  And you can see here, it's very nice and pretty with all the color coordination for the classes. We won't get into the Content Library today. We have a webinar that really focuses on the Content Library feature. So if that's really interesting to you, I definitely recommend checking that out.  And then over on the side, if you're using logins, we have a sign-in and create account button.

Signing up for Classes
Now, I'm going to first go through one of the easiest ways to set up signing up for classes to give your customers a really easy way to just click on a class and book.  And so go ahead, and here I haven't logged in. I'm just going to this Pilates class, and what you'll see here is the class, and we just give a form for registration. So this is something that you can do and leave registrations really wide open where customers can really easily add their name and their information.  As you can see, I'm getting auto-filled here.Let's go here just to show you what this looks like. But basically you can set it up and make reservations, really open,  anyone can book.  This is something that you might want to do for free classes. This is something that if you've got some maybe not super tech-savvy clients, maybe people of an older generation, you might want to highlight the field of the form option, so you can quickly just to reserve my spot, and I'm booked into the class.  Now here you'll see any information if you have, if you provide that; for once they've booked, they can add it to their calendar. If you're using the payment options, we’ll also prompt them to pay at that time, and they can also share that out on Facebook or send on WhatsApp if they want to share that they're going to this class. So what happens then, and I'll just go into the email.  Here you'll see I've received my class registration. This email has customizable text which you can divide, but it gives them all that information. So the confirmation email is definitely something that you know is easy for people to manage. And again, that's one of the easiest ways to set up signing up with Punchpass for your customers. Now if I go back into our schedule, we've used this demo to show off different ways to set up reservations.  If I go to, head to circuit training, and for instance on this class, we've set it to require both a sign-in someone to login, and also an active pass.  So for certain classes or for your entire schedule, you can set it up to require people to sign in, create an account. So from up at the top here or if they're prompted to, your customers can click to create an account which is a pretty easy process.  We have Google options. So if they have a Google login, that makes things really easy, but they could also enter their information here and create an account then confirm via email. But what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go ahead and sign in with Google here and I'm just signing in with my account so that you can see what it looks like from a customer account page.So you'll notice from the class I was trying to book, this is what it looks like if you don't have an active pass.  So if you require a pass to book, this will prompt them to purchase the pass and then come back and book.  And it'll highlight passes that would be eligible. But we'll go ahead and head to our home screen just to show you what that looks like for the customer’s view.  When they log in, they'll go to their home screen. They can see if they have a pass available, and they can see reservations. You'll notice that class I just booked because I use the same email address that's showing up right here, which is great. But I'm going to go back into the schedule list, and I'm going to go ahead and click on another class to book-- Zumba. So here I have a pass available. It's appropriate. They don't have to prompt me to pay anything. I just can go right and click to reserve my classes. So that's one of the nice things about the login feature.  It's super easy to book-- just click and reserve because we know who they are. They've already logged in.Online Class Feature
Another feature that a lot of people like to ask about is the online class feature. So if you're offering classes via online, we’ll always highlight it when you set up your class to do a live stream. So you'll notice this class is marked online class, and we'll go ahead and click, and the situation is going to be very similar to booking any other class. We're going to go ahead and reserve my spot.  But what's nice about this it’s automatically for a class that has been set up as online. If I go to my homepage and I booked, I'll see that class is here. It's also going to give me the URL to join. So here, this is a Zoom class and the password just in case I am prompted for that so that's in my account already. But if I go ahead and go into my email again, we'll see the email I received from my online class, it's going to highlight that it's an online class for me.  And it's going to give me that link and password here.  And also in front of pass, one of the nice things with these online classes is we also automatically send out a reminder 20 to 30 minutes before the class so that they're given the link again.  And it gives them a little reminder that the class is coming up if they haven't added it to their calendar. So in terms of booking and that experience for clients, it's super easy to use as you can see.  We talk them through it. So if they don't have a pass for prompting them to do that, if that's how you set up your system, just to show off a little bit on the purchase of pass page, in case you're interested, you'll see we have our list of memberships and passes available here.  And when I go to purchase, it's pretty easy. Here's my information.  I'll click purchase pass and I'm prompted to pay; so on that side of things, super easy to do.  But I just wanted to show that from the customer side.

Admin Side of Punchpass
Now what we're going to do is go into the admin side of Punchpass. So from the admin side, when you log in as a user, you'll see your home page, and your home page has your classes coming up. So you'll see the classes for today. If you have any reservations classes coming up, you'll also see an overview of your account. So from your home page, this is where you're going to do a lot of your regular activities like clicking on a class to mark attendance.  And up at the top you'll see we have a lot of navigation features here. So one thing you'll go check out occasionally is your customer list.  So when you click on customers, you'll see you’re full list of customers. You can send out emails to your customers. You can select them to go into their account, and see if you need to do any administrative work there. But you can also go through different lists within the customers to see if you want to take a look at anyone who's been added in the past six months. That's something that you can do on the customer side that basically anything you need to do administrative wise with specific customers in their accounts you do that.Here then we have our schedule page.  And so this is the admin schedule.  And here is where you'll see your class is coming up, and you can click into them again to make any changes or mark attendance here. And so that's something that you're going to use a lot just in terms of seeing your schedule, and if you need to make changes.

Manage Area
One of the most important parts of Punchpass is our manage area. This is where you can go in and set up your passes for your classes if you're using the Content Library feature and your general account settings first. I'm going to go into passes. And we'll take a look here. So any passes that you have to offer, you can set them up here.  See the option to add a new pass, new membership. You can click into your class, your passes, to set them up and edit them. But this is where you get to manage what you have to sell-- what you're offering to your clients and what those features and restrictions are; so which passes you want to offer and how to set them up if they have expiration dates.  All those features are within the manage passes page, then we have the manage classes page.And manage classes is where, similar to passes, you can create new class types. You can also click into classes you type that you've already created and make adjustments. So if you need to adjust your reservation settings for that class, any of your settings for that class, you can always edit them. You can also set up your schedule from this page so you can add single classes but also add classes that are going to recur.  So you'll see here, we've got classes going Thursdays at 9:00.  And you can set the rules for those classes. You'll also notice here the eligible passes area. So what you can do in Punchpass is set up different types of classes and different types of passes, and set the rules for them. So if your virtual classes are a little less expensive than your in-person classes, you can create different pricing for them, and only allow the certain passes to be used for those classes. So that's something that's great.  And again, you can really be strict, really flexible (it's up to you as you get into your setup).

Manage Settings Page
One of the other really important areas that you'll get very familiar with when you're just starting out with Punchpass is your manage settings page. This is where you go to set the rules for your account. So if you have other instructors you want to add to your end users, to your list, you can do that. You can give people other access to the account. You can adjust and edit the automated emails that get sent out.  
Reservations Page
One thing I really wanted to highlight here is the online reservations page because this is where I spend a lot of time with people when they're just getting started in Punchpass because this is where you get to set your rules. We talked a lot and I showed you how customers can book and this is where you get to really make those changes and determine what you want to allow, and what you don't want to allow. So we have a lot of different features here. This is where you can set rules and limitations, adjust customer logins ( if you have that feature or stiffer things) in order for them to say: have to have a pass in order to book and limit the number of reservations to how many credits they have on their account. And this is where a lot of people get into what they need to use.  But you'll notice in terms of navigation and adjustments in Punchpass, we give you a lot of information.  We tell you exactly what you're doing. And then if you have any questions, you can always hover over any of your question marks, which will give you a little bit more information; maybe give you an example of what we see a lot, and that should help you again get set up really quickly in the site, and definitely give you some ideas about what other people are doing and what might work best for you. So everything here is super easy to navigate. Public Web Pages
Another thing I just wanted to quickly highlight is under public web pages because this is the page where you can customize your link. So that's a nice feature that I always like to show people especially when they're just getting started to make your link really easy to share out to your clients; also add your logo; and get a little bit more customized if you like.

Reporting Page
Then the last major page I wanted to just highlight is the recording page because from this page you can access a lot of different reports about what's going on in your account. So you can see a lot of information about your customers’ attendances. Maybe check out anyone who maybe didn't show up and check in on them. You might want to look up at what's coming up, who's made a reservation; maybe need to make adjustments to that.  And then under passes, one thing that you might see a lot (go into a lot) is the sales details, where you can see everything that you sold.  You can set a date range to pull that information; check out what you've been selling; grab that information.  People are often using this around tax season to grab the information of how they've done for the calendar year.  And it's definitely a great report that people like to use.  We have a lot of different reports. It's always fun during the trial when you don't have data yet, but if you have any questions about reports, especially during a trial, definitely let us know.  We’d be happy to help out with that. But in terms of using the system, we try to make it really easy as you can tell, we're making most things clickable. If they're in blue, we highlight information about your account that may give you a lot of data.  We make things easy to set up and really try to help you get going really quickly. We think that we have a really great set up demo that again I'm going to highlight a little bit later.  And hopefully this has given you a pretty good idea of what navigating within the admin side of Punchpass looks like; what it's like to be a customer; how we can set up different types of reservation rules.  And really hopefully that feels comfortable and easy for everyone.  If it doesn't,  we’re happy to help out, and that's why we're going to be taking questions in just a bit.  

Other Features and Customer Feedback
Now we didn't get into every feature that we have to offer because that would take a long time, and we know we all have a short amount of time here to really get through what we want to talk about. But please be aware that we have a lot of other features in our system. We just wanted to highlight some of the easy-to-use functionality just in terms of setting up but we have a lot of features you can really focus on, your core features.  If you like, you can get into a lot of the other features that we offer, but everything is really easy to use. It's a lot of dropdowns checkboxes as you've seen on the site, pretty easy to manage.  And we walk you through a lot of this during the trial to help get you set up and make you feel really comfortable. So if you have questions about any of these, we have a lot of support documents on it.  We're happy to help get you comfortable with the different features that are available to you, but we think those are all really great options.  And we just wanted to highlight some of the big things people are looking for when they are checking out different software for their business.

One of the things I think, it's always great to hear from people who are actually using the site, not just people who manage the site so I pulled from some people who have been working with Punchpass for a while. ¬†Here is Maggie who wanted to write in about how she's enjoying using Punchpass. They've been using it since 2015, so about five years now. ¬†And it's been really for them, one of the things that Maggie highlighted is that while we continue to improve and add more features to our software, we're also not trying to complicate it. We add things but we'll make sure that understanding them and understanding how to use them; and set them up are really easy and spelled out for them, not just in the application, but also in our ‚Äúhow to's‚ÄĚJean in the UK has also been with Punchpass about five years, and one of the things that Jean wanted to highlight is that we are doing a lot of the work, and she's able to focus on the things that she loves doing. ¬†That definitely includes obviously focusing on classes and running her business, but then also can include more time with the family because she's not spending a lot of time managing the software. She's just managing her business.For Michelle, one of the things she wrote in about was that she had a medical issue and was having some issues, needed to take some time figuring out her business, and managing that while still on Punchpass. ¬†And she mentioned Sharon who's also on our call with us today, doing some management. But you know, that's one of the things I love about Punchpass, that you're going to get to know us pretty well. We're going to get to know you, and we'll be talking with a lot of the same people. So it'll make you feel a little bit more comfortable when things do happen in life, of course, we hope for everyone to be happy and healthy and that their business is running smoothly and everything's going great. But we understand that things happen and you might need additional help. That's what we're here for again. We're very flexible and we want to keep your mind off ¬†of ¬†having to worry about the business admin side and hopefully focus on you and what you need to do for your business. ¬†Then James has also been using us for a bit over a year now and has been in the business for a long time. But he really wanted to highlight that it's an intuitive product ¬† And it's something that again, I always like to mention. ¬†If you check out our reviews, you're going to hear about our support. You're always dealing with people that you know. ¬†You're dealing with, you might be dealing with me based on your time zones perhaps, but that's something that's really special about Punchpass. ¬†And we want to make it easy for you to use, easy for you to ask questions. If you have questions, easy for you to get up and running; easier for your clients to use it, that's always been our focus, and it's going to continue to be our focus as we continue to grow. So if all of that sounds interesting to you and you haven't signed up for a free trial yet, I really recommend checking it out. It's free.You don't have to enter your card at all. You just get to sign up for your trial and then you get to play around and try setting up a class. Try setting up a pass, add a customer. Try taking attendance. It's all super easy. You can do it very quickly. We have a lot of people launch to their clients and are ready to go while they're still in the trial before they've even started paying for Punchpass. ¬†They launched their clients and are using it. ¬†And we get a lot of really positive feedback about that and make it really easy for you to set up and launch, and that's important to us. So if you're interested in the trial you can go to our website. ¬†We have sign up links everywhere, but free trial will get you signed up right away. You can check it out. You can play around with the different plans. If you're interested again, we try to be really flexible about that. So if you have any questions about that, you can definitely reach out to us. ¬†We‚Äôll be guiding you along the trial and sending you ‚Äúhow to‚Äôs. ¬†So it's super easy. But I mentioned before, we have a demo. ¬†We have a setup demo by our founder Chris, and it is at / demo. So if you have 15 minutes to check that out, I highly recommended it, especially if you're starting the trial, and you're not really sure what to do. ¬†That will kind of give you a good overview of starting setting up and finishing setting up. So definitely recommend, I think it's a really great way to see what Punchpass has to offer. And you know, that's one of the best ways to get a feel for a fun pass right for you.

I know we're getting into questions next. I just want to reiterate that we want to make sure this is the right application for you. So that's why we like questions. We want you to ask the questions so that you make the right decision for your business.

So we got a question about integrating with an online waiver, and then someone saw the list that we do have the option to offer an online waiver on some of our plans.  If you have any other questions about that, I'd be happy to help with that.

We had someone who's been using Punchpass and wanted to write in that they were able to pivot their studio to online classes so easily; really likes the customer service. Thank you very much. It is unsolicited. And so thanks for joining us Marilyn. We appreciate the support, always happy to help, and highlight new things. So thanks for checking out our webinar course, and that's really all the questions. I'm here.  

I'll give you another minute or two if anyone has any other questions or is working on that.

This is great question.  During the two-week trial, can you process payment to try it out? Absolutely. The free trial is fully functional.  You get everything within Punchpass so you can sign up with payment integrations and check it out. And what's really cool is we have two different payment integrations that we offer depending on the plan. One of them is Stripe, which I highlighted during the demo and is our purchase of pass page through Stripe.  And so you can set up and check it out. The other one we also have is Square integration with all three of our plans. So that's something that you can also check out if you're a Square user.Have another really good question that asks about integrations. So I mentioned our payment integrations. We work with Stripe and we work with Square.

We also have direct integration with Zoom. So I didn't go all the way into how the Zoom integration works because we do have a lot of videos on that, and we have webinars already reported that you can check out on our Zoom integration. And I also highlighted how to do that as a customer, but that's one of the big integrations that we've added this year.

Great question. People are asking about mobile So currently you can use Punchpass from any mobile device, just as long as you have an updated browser.  You can access Punchpass as a user, as an admin. It's really easy to do, but the very exciting news is that we do have a mobile app that is currently in testing.  And so we are excited about that coming up soon. So if you aren't signed up with our newsletter or if you have any questions, definitely let us know so we can let you know when new features come out.

Someone asked do we use Does that work? Yes, that is the square integration. I'm talking about.  So if you want to use Square for online payments, you can.

Then someone asks if the mobile app is going to be an extra fee on top of our plans. The mobile app is going to be available with all of our plans that support customer logins. So we do have plans for that.

We have a question about tracking staff pay and hours. One of the things that we do have in our reports is an instructor's report which keeps a record of all the classes that your instructors are teaching, so a record of what they do.  You can see everything they've taught.  You can also just look at a monthly or weekly detail.  And I'll give you some information about how they are teaching, but we don't have a pay rate within that report.It's super easy to export any of our reports as a CSV file, and add them to any studio spreadsheet tool to track that if you need that assistance.

Is there a limit to the number of class descriptions you can store?  No, you can make as many class types with their descriptions as you like.  We don't have a limit on classes or passes.  You can make as many as you like, and you can archive them to keep them off your list if you're not using them. I think that's really helpful. Sometimes you get a really long list. You might want to put some in the archive, but you can always bring them back out, and you can make as many as you like, as many as you offer.

Someone asked a great question. Can you put your account on holds and come back to it?  If you need some time off and I know this has been coming up a lot lately, we do have a data hold plan that you can go on to, where you'll get some pretty limited access, but we'll keep all your data for you and help you manage that.  And that is at a 10 dollar a month fee for holding and maintaining your data for you. You'll also be able to email all your customers, update the text at the top of your Punchpass page, so that if you need to give people updates on what's going on with your business, you can do that.   And then you can reach out to us if you need any more information.

I have a question about integration with email marketing.  Currently we have unlimited custom emails from Punchpass.  You can go in and email anyone in a class. You can email anyone from your full customer list. You can pull reports and send emails to just those customers.

We are also expecting shortly to integrations, are coming soon, our Constant Contact and Mailchimp. So those are two integrations that I have heard from our Tech Team that should be launching shortly. And so that'll be another thing to look forward to in terms of what you can do with Punchpass.  

In terms of integration with Canadian Banks was another question that we have here.  And we work with a lot of people in Canada. You'll actually see on our pricing page that you can change your pricing to Canadian dollars. But yes, if you're using one of our online payment tools, both stripe and square work in Canada, and they work with Canadian bank accounts.  It's so you'll be able to use those tools if you want to use the payment integration if you're in Canada.  

And I think that might have been all the questions we’re seeing here.  Give it another minute.

Okay, so I'm seeing a question about adjustment for time zones. So when you set up your schedule, you'll be selecting which time zone you're in.  And what we understand is that when you go and offer online classes, virtual classes that you might be having people participating from different time zones, what we do is we include your time zone next to every online class that you offer so that people can see that right away on your schedule. The nice thing is as well, if they decide to add the class to their calendar, that will be adjusted for the correct time zone. So if they do use Google Calendar or Apple calendar, they can automatically have that information. But in the email, it'll always let them know for an online class as well what the time zone is so that they can see that, and they know to join up the right time.

I have a question here about how attendance works. So one of the reasons I didn't get into showing the attendance processes is that we also have a really comprehensive video on all the different things you can do with attendance. ¬†And I didn't want this to run over too much. But what I will do is make sure that when we send out an email, we‚Äôll include our nice little ‚Äú how-to‚ÄĚ video on attendance because I think that is a really great feature. ¬†And if you're interested in Punchpass, it's great to see how that works, so we can do that for you.

Another question we got here is: do we have self check-in or in-studio classes? We do have self check-in.  You can we have a lot of people who like setting up a device like an iPad or some kind of tablet available for self check-in at the studio, just as a reminder that sometimes something that people aren't interested in doing right now, just because you have a lot of people touching the same device.  But if you do need that feature, and you're comfortable with and everyone's comfortable using that feature, we do have that available.  But what's also nice is that you can have the instructor use Punchpass from their phone, and they can mark everyone off if that's more convenient, definitely, an option that you have.Well, I think we might be getting to the end here.

So I'll remind everyone, definitely look forward to our email.  We’ll be sending out this recording and maybe some extra links that we think might be helpful that we've mentioned in the call.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We're happy to help.  We’re happy to fill you in on anything that you might be interested in specific to your business. You know that is a general webinar. So, of course if you have very specific questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We really want to make sure that if you decide to sign up for Punchpass that it's the right system for you.  The best way to reach out is with questions. We will be emailing you probably tomorrow with this re so you can always just reply to that.  Also our general support email address is  So I can just type this in here, and that will get right into our queue, but also from our website at You'll also see our chat will often pop up.  You can always reach out to us in the chat. Well before we go, I just want to say thank you all so much for joining our webinar and attending with us. We hope you have gotten a better idea about what Punchpass can offer you and what you might be interested in. I just wanted to say I hope everyone has a great day. Hope you stay happy and healthy, and we'll see you again soon.