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Run classes smoothly, reduce costs, AND streamline your system.
Post your schedule, get bookings, and accept payments.

Punchpass has seamless integration with Zoom so you can offer your live classes online while using Punchpass to show your schedule online, accept reservations, sell passes, and keep track of attendance.

Content library for recorded videos

An integrated content library gives you a one-stop showcase for the classes you've recorded on video.

It's an additional revenue source for your business.

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Sell passes online

Give your customers the convenience of purchasing punch cards and memberships online. Spend less time dealing with payments at the studio, and worry less about your instructors handling cash.

Punchpass is integrated with Stripe, one of the leading providers of online payments in the world, and one of the easiest to get started with.

Our checkout is mobile optimized to let your customers purchase a pass quickly.

Your Punchpass schedule is not just for you -- you can share it with your customers! You can embed your schedule on your website so that it's beautifully integrated. Or add your logo to the top and post a link to your schedule on Facebook.

We provide both a calendar view AND a list view of your schedule to give your customers the best desktop or mobile experience.

Easily accept class reservations

Your customers can just click right through your Punchpass schedule to make a reservation for class. Works for in-person and live online classes!

Punchpass makes it easy for your customers to reserve, instead of making them jump through hoops.

When someone makes an online reservation, Punchpass will send an email to confirm. You can customize the email so that it says exactly what you want. The email also provides a web link that allows them to cancel easily if they should need to -- so you should never have a no show again!

Seize the moment

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You can offer your passes on a sliding scale to give a break to clients who can't afford your regular rates right now.

Your home screen

Your home screen gives you easy access to everything you need to run your fitness or yoga studio on a daily basis -- for both your in person AND online classes.

See your customers, take attendance, or view reports right from here. Punchpass looks great on your mobile devices or on your computer.

Our Zoom integration lets you easily offer live classes online. And clients can access your video recordings using our content library.

Take attendance FAST!

Punchpass is designed to let you take attendance FAST - one click! You'll know right away if a customer needs a pass. Quickly add a new customer, or assign a new pass, and get right back to taking attendance.

Designed to work great on an iPad or on your smartphone, Punchpass lets you take attendance even if you don't have a computer available.

Our Customer Self Check-In feature lets you set up an iPad as a kiosk. Let your customers check themselves in to class & free up your time!

"I am absolutely thrilled your product exists. Punchpass is the perfect balance of clean and clear design, carefully considered user experience, and a price point that is supportive of small businesses like mine."

Studio One
New Zealand

See how your business is doing

View a summary of your monthly totals, as well as detailed monthly breakdowns.

Your accounting becomes so much easier - we track your monthly revenue for you. At the end of the month you'll know exactly how much you sold.

You can easily download your data if you need to look at it in a spreadsheet, or upload it to Quickbooks.

Quickly see a customer's history

All the information you need, and a lot of flexibility. You can track health issues, contact information, referral source and more.

Current digital punch cards and passes are highlighted so you can see your customer's status at a glance. When did they buy the pass? When does it expire? How many punches are left? You can access this screen directly from the Attendance page, so it's really easy to answer your customers' questions.

You can see previous attendance history and expired passes too.

Email your customers right from Punchpass

Quickly email your customers -- all of them at once, or select groups of customers. Send a special offer to users who haven't attended class in the last month. Or to everyone whose card expires before the end of the year. Or your BEST customers...those who have attended at least 5 classes this month.

You can also customize the automated emails Punchpass sends on your behalf (email receipts, pass expiring soon, reservation confirmations). So Punchpass can reflect your business brand and style.

"My clients are always getting my messages that come through Punchpass. So I feel like they feel like they're more connected to me because they're consistently hearing from me. I really like that."

Laura - SupaChick Fitness
SupaChick Fitness
Cokato, MN

The trial will get you started

It's completely free

The trial is completely free for two weeks -- we don't take your credit card, and there's absolutely no obligation.

It's easier than you think

Getting started is very simple. The trial lets you test the waters -- you can add a class to your schedule, add a test customer & see how it all works.

You'll learn as you go

Sometimes it's good to get a feel for things so you can see for yourself what it's like.  The trial is fully featured, so you can see exactly how everything works before you start paying for the service.

You won't be alone

We're here to answer your questions during your trial too -- so don't hesitate to give it a shot.  We know that it's a big move, and we're here to help each step of the way.

There's no commitment

Try Punchpass free for 2 weeks.
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Create as many passes as you need

Punch cards, Unlimited passes, Memberships and more. Managing the punch cards, passes, and memberships you sell is our core business, and we've built a robust but simple platform for you to create passes that fit YOUR business.

Go international

Punchpass has currency and language flexibility so you can use Punchpass no matter where you are in the world. We let you customize the emails Punchpass sends on your behalf so even the automated emails are in the correct language.

We could go on and on

Honestly, we could spend a long time showing every little part of Punchpass that's been designed to do things better than our competition. We've tried to think through every interaction to make things as simple and as fast as possible. We're always listening and incorporating your feedback too!
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The trial lets you test the waters -- you can add a class to your schedule, add a test customer & see how it all works. If you like it, we can get your data over & you'll be ready to go!

The trial is fully featured, so you can see exactly how everything works before you decide.

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