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How To

Offer Workshops & Series That Inspire Your Community

Workshops and special programs are a fantastic way to grow your fitness or yoga business and to elevate your reputation.

There are unusual stresses on your community right now. You can help by creating a special program or workshop that can address today’s unique challenges.

Whether you’re online or in-person, your event or series can inspire your audience and bring in a grateful crowd.

In this webinar, we’ll share the tried and true elements you need to run a popular, profitable workshop.

You’ll learn:

  • Why single- or multi-day workshops are a great addition to your regular class schedule.
  • How to choose a successful topic for your program.
  • When to offer it & how long it should be.
  • How to set an appropriate price.
  • How to get the word out for maximum attendance.

Join us!

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