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How To Optimize Your Fitness Studio’s Social Media Feeds

If you’re not posting regularly or you're confused about how, what and when to post, we'll give you the solid advice you need.

Social media marketing has never been more important to your fitness business. For many in your community, social media has become a lifeline to the outside world.

If your fitness studio doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, you’re not posting regularly, or you’re confused about how, what and when to post, we’ve got you covered.

In this webinar, we’ll give you solid advice on how to use social media to keep your community engaged.

You’ll learn:
– What to include in your social media profiles.
– How to use the power of social media to build your community and increase class participation and pass and membership sales.
– What types of content to include in your posts and how to optimize them for engagement.
– What stories are and how to best use them for your fitness business
– How to use your current client information to amplify the reach of your social media messaging.

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