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What's New With Punchpass – Mar/Apr 2021

There has been a lot of new functionality and improvements added to Punchpass recently. Here are the changes we've made in March & April of 2021.

May 2, 2021

There has been a lot of new functionality and improvements added to Punchpass recently. Here are the changes we released over the past two months…

New Public Page Redesign is live! 🎉

The Punchpass public pages for your business are faster, more mobile friendly, themable (8 color choices!), and easier than ever for your customers to use and access.  They now match the pages your customers see when they are logged in, making the experience seamless.  This is the final piece of a BIG project that redesigned the entire application, and we’re thrilled to show it to you!


Two big improvements to membership functionality:

  • Business admins now have the ability to modify or remove a membership’s restart date, without reactivating the membership.  So as your customers request changes to their paused membership status, you can easily modify the membership to adjust to those requests.  Life happens, and now you can roll with it a little better!
  • You can now let your customers cancel their memberships themselves without contacting you.  This is available on a membership-by-membership basis….which gives you flexibility.  You can restrict customer self-cancel for memberships that give a big discount in return for a long term commitment, while enabling cancellation for rolling memberships with no end date.


Some minor updates which together help to prevent common frustrations, and one nice bigger improvement:

  • When a series is deleted we now remove the underlying classes, so you don’t have as much ‘cleanup’ you need to do.
  • There is a better warning around creating a series when the underlying classes already have reservations – now we let you know you should investigate.
  • Punchpass will automatically create a series reservation if a customer is booked into all the individual classes of a series, AND remove the series reservation when all the individual reservations are deleted.
  • The big one – Series can now have a ‘Registration Active’ date and time.  You can create a series, put it on your schedule, and have reservations open on a specific date and time.  Want to get the series on your schedule, but then ramp up anticipation and excitement before letting people sign up?  Now you can!

Other smaller improvements…

  • Improved the resiliency of the reservation reminder email job.  If the job fails (usually because of an issue at our hosting provider) it will send the emails as soon as it is back up, instead of waiting a whole day.
  • Improved visibility for clients and support around the Zoom connection, including a warning if Zoom was disconnected.
  • Improved our ability to easily remove a customer’s personally identifiable information if they request for GDPR or other privacy legislation reasons.
  • Now when you create bulk reservations for a customer, you can add the customer to the waitlist for any class that is full (and where the waitlist is active.)
  • Our email editor was upgraded.
  • Plus too many bug fixes to list, and some performance improvements.  🙂

Our next two months will be spent focusing on improving standing reservations, some significant infrastructure work for our database, our Stripe API functionality, and our server setup.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!