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Pricing & Plan Changes at Punchpass

We've updated Punchpass' pricing and plan structure! As times have changed, what becomes ‘core’ to studio management software changes. Our goal is to be able to serve a wide range of clients with the feature set each needs, with a limited number of plans.

October 14, 2022

Our current pricing and plan structure at Punchpass is over 4 years old(!) and as times have changed, what becomes ‘core’ to studio management software changes.  Our goal is to be able to serve a wide range of clients with the feature set each needs, with a limited number of plans.  Like a pair of jeans that are ‘just right’, this change is an attempt to help our plans fit better!

Let’s dig into the changes.

Willow – A powerful solution for studios on a budget

First off we have our Willow plan, which replaces Bedrock as our lower price introductory plan.  There are two primary changes here.  First, Stripe integration is now available on all plans, so you can sell passes online.  And customer logins/accounts are also available on all plans.  Not only is this an important security feature, it lets your customers now book (and manage their bookings) much more easily.

Online purchases and accounts have become necessary base features post-Covid, and we think this is a very attractive plan for studios with simple class & pass setups.  Willow also sees the addition of Private Sessions, which makes it a great option for single instructor studios who teach a lot of privates.

Banyan – An impressive toolkit to help your business grow

Banyan is not changing at all, and we expect this will continue to be our most popular plan.  The array of features and flexibility you get for the price is tough to beat.  Banyan adds a number of features that let your business serve a wider range of customers, keeps them coming back for more, and gives your studio the flexibility to make Punchpass work exactly the way your business needs.

What’s included in the upgrade from Willow?  Recurring memberships, series of classes, waitlists (2 kinds!), the ability to sell tickets, standing reservations and VIP access for your best customers, an online video content library, discount codes, donation based pass sales, the ability to set up a second schedule for additional services, and online waivers.

Redwood – An enhanced package for smart customer care

This is our new higher priced plan – designed to give even more flexibility and customization.  Redwood allows you to tag your customers, so you can begin to segment your customer list any way you’d like.  A customizable homepage is provided, giving you the ability to highlight studio events, special promotions, etc.  Finally you can create custom fields for tailored data collection, and then use those fields to create custom intake forms.  Collect the information you need from customers up front and remove the administrative hassle of collecting it after registration!

As always, you can try any of the plans to decide which one is right for your business. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to support.

And we aren’t done – there are some exciting features coming soon!