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Online Yoga Studio Success Stories: Taking Business Online

Punchpass spoke with yoga business expert & shared great insights into how businesses have succeeded in making the transition to online classes.

May 11, 2020

Punchpass’ own Victoria spoke with widely respected yoga business expert Amanda Kingsmith on her MBOm podcast this week.

Victoria shared lots of great insights into how Punchpass clients have succeeded in making the transition to online classes.

Here’s what Amanda had to say about the podcast…

“Punchpass is one of my favorite software programs for yoga businesses and over the last few weeks, I’ve been chatting with the team about how things have been going for the studios that they work with. Well, things have been going great!

“On this episode, Victoria shares some of the success stories from yoga studios that they work with and shares how these studios have been successful taking their businesses online.

“As you know, I work with a few yoga studios doing management and digital marketing and I share a bit of insight into the success that these studios have experienced as well.

If you are a yoga studio owner feeling nervous about making the jump to online or a yoga teacher curious about how studios are doing, don’t miss this episode!

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Victoria found yoga and started working with Punchpass
  • What is Punchpass and how do they help yoga studios succeed?
  • How has Punchpass been working with yoga studios during the pandemic to support them in transitioning to digital classes
  • How are some of the studios Punchpass works with adapt and adjusting their services to work in a online only environment?
  • Walking through what the process of taking a yoga studio online looks like using Punchpass
  • How are studios changing their pricing for online offerings during the pandemic and why just making everything free probably isn’t the right solution

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