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How to Boost Fitness Class Attendance

How can you boost fitness class attendance? Attract more students to the group classes at your gym or fitness studio so that you can build on the energy and momentum that increased class attendance creates.

October 3, 2021

Boosting fitness class attendance, whether in-person or online, is always a challenger. But there are many folks out there craving the social aspect of group exercise and the connection to real, local people.

Here’s how you can attract more students to the group classes at your gym or fitness studio so that you can build on the energy and momentum that increased class attendance creates.

Implement these 5 Ways to Increase Fitness Class Attendance and watch your group exercise classes fill up fast!

1. Market Your Fitness Classes on Social Media

You may be the most amazing, inspiring instructor on the planet (we know you are!) but if you’re not actively and regularly spreading the word about when and where to find your classes, and encouraging the people in your community to get over the procrastination and, let’s face it, insecurities or nervousness of showing up for a group exercise class, then you’re going to struggle to increase your class attendance.

Punchpass makes it easy to leverage the power of social media platforms like Facebook, by giving you the option to post your class schedule at the top of your page. You can also post direct links to your class, online pass and membership sales, and introductory offers in social media posts and ads so new students can book into your classes with a few simple clicks.

2. Invest in a Facebook Group for Your Fitness Business

Facebook Groups are the perfect way to provide your students with a place to connect with each other, you and your team. One of the biggest motivating factors in sticking with a fitness program and attending classes regularly is peer-to-peer support and the accountability of a group.

Plus, when you’re posting enticing content about the new playlist or power move you’ll roll in during your next class, there’s sure to be a FOMO factor that will drive class registrations. Remember, each time you post about an upcoming class or event, include a link so that customers can register for class in advance and be sure to encourage advance bookings with a strong call to action, like “sign up now because this class will sell out!”

3. Encourage Repeat Class Attendance with An Ongoing Theme

Another powerful way to raise group exercise class attendance is to let your students know during class that you’ll be teaching a specific topic over several classes or weeks. For example, if you’re teaching at a yoga studio, you could focus on addressing hip and hamstring issues and inform your students that each class for the next six classes you’ll deliver different poses and sequences to alleviate common issues.

If your students attended on Monday and loved it, they’re more likely to show up on Wednesday and Friday to make sure they don’t miss out. This is the type of class that students are more likely to talk about to others and invite them to join in.

4. Launch a Fitness Challenge to Grow Class Size

One tried and true way to boost fitness class attendance is to host a challenge. Typically these will be 30 Days or 6 Weeks and bring the fun of gaming and community to your classes. Challenges work because students get motivated by sharing a common goal, the accountability of scoreboards and acknowledgement and prizes for hard-earned commitment.

Punchpass software makes hosting group fitness challenges a breeze because you set up your challenge as a special event, promote the link in advance through social media and email and get a big group signed up and excited to attend regular – even daily classes – for a month or more. Challenges are a great way to keep students motivated and enrolled going into those Spring and Summer months when attendance can drop off.

5. Increase Class Attendance and Community Loyalty with Staff Attendance

Asking your team to regularly attend classes works wonders to build overall class sizes. This is because gyms and studios where instructors regularly work out alongside customers have an immediate benefit from students seeing that their trainers and instructors walk their talk, there an opportunity to socialize, and, bottom line, those instructors boost class numbers and build energy and momentum.

Often the instructors who participate in classes at the studio or gym where they teach end up with bigger classes themselves because they build real relationships with the community of students.

Hosting “classe en masse” events once a week or once a month to celebrate a specific teacher is another great way to surge class attendance at your fitness studio. Pick your class date and time and invite all your instructors – or students – to attend this “special” class. No one will want to miss out on the fun at this “must attend” event!