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COVID-19 – Broadcast Classes Online From Your Fitness or Yoga Studio

Learn how to broadcast classes online from your fitness or yoga studio. You can start offering online classes right now while using Punchpass to manage your studio.

March 12, 2020

With COVID-19 dominating the news, no doubt you have been contemplating the effects of the virus on your life, your community, and your fitness business. Please know that we here at Punchpass understand and empathize!

We know this is a vulnerable time for you. But as a small business owner providing a crucial service, your calm & assured leadership is more valuable now than ever to your community.

We’ve been thinking hard about how we can support you as you and your students consider measured, prudent steps to help mitigate the spread and impact of the coronavirus. What we recommend to start is to consider offering online classes.

Since the beginning of this week we’ve been working on an integration with Zoom, the leading online meeting platform.

This will allow you to broadcast your classes online.

** UPDATE MARCH 18, 2020 – The Zoom-Punchpass App is now LIVE!  Click here to learn how to offer your classes online with Punchpass and Zoom. **

You can start offering online classes NOW – TODAY – while using Punchpass to manage your class reservations.

We know that the idea of offering classes online might be completely new to you. But at this unprecedented moment, allowing your students the option to attend class online would provide support for their continued physical and mental well-being — both of which are uniquely at risk right now.

By introducing online classes:

  • You can offer continuity to your students. Even if many other things are in flux, they can count on you to help them stick to their healthy routines.
  • You give them a social outlet. Your classes can still provide that sense of community they rely on. You might consider offering a few minutes of social chatter before and/or after your online class begins so folks can say hi to each other as they would typically do in person. “Social distancing” might be required in a physical sense, but our human need to interact with others is still there.
  • You help folks maintain their physical fitness. Help your students resist the urge to turn into couch potatoes when they are self-isolating.
  • You provide support for their emotional and mental wellbeing. The constant stream of news is anxiety inducing for the best of us! Continue to offer support from afar.
  • You keep yourself in business. By maintaining a crucial role in the lives of your students, you not only continue to earn revenue from your ongoing class offerings, but you set yourself up to resume in-person connections as soon as things return to normal.
  • You might even earn some new fans. Folks in your town might unexpectedly find themselves at home with free time. This can be a good opportunity for them to see what you offer now that they have a break in their schedules.

You don’t need special equipment. You can get started simply with a laptop and a chair in front of you. A smartphone’s camera works as well! Make sure people can see and hear you, and you’re good to go.  Don’t get caught up that you need fancy equipment to get started.

If you find the prospect of putting yourself in front of the camera a bit intimidating, just remind yourself that you are working with people who are looking to stay connected to YOU — they don’t want some fancy online workout tool, anonymous YouTube personality or soulless app to guide them. They want YOU. And you can do it!!

Please know that we are right here with you as you continue to provide leadership to your community during this uncertain time.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what questions you have as you get started.

Wishing you well,

Chris, Sharon, Victoria, Claire, Dan & Michael

The Punchpass Team

P.S. We recently ran a webinar about how to offer classes online.  Check it out if you’re looking for some strength & inspiration. 💛