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2022 Punchpass Punch List! 🥳

It’s been another big year for the Punchpass team!‍ Here are some of our key highlights and takeaways from the year in review.

December 28, 2022

It’s been another big year for the Punchpass team!

In 2022 we’ve guided and supported our clients (new and old) through many new beginnings and all sorts of transitions. Our team has introduced two brand new plans, launched a bunch of updated features and continued to focus on the future of Punchpass.

Here are some of our key highlights and takeaways from the past 12 months…

Our Top 5 New Punchpass Features

The Punchpass elves were very busy behind the scenes this year and launching our new plans (and having so many existing and new clients enthusiastically embrace them!) was a definite highlight.

Along with those new plans came some fresh new features, here are our top picks:

Top 5 new Punchpass features in 2022:

1.  Intake forms

2. Customer tagging

3. Calendar feeds

4. Instructor profiles

5. Express Reservations

Our Clients’ Top 5 Business Vibes

We spent a lot of time getting to know our clients on a deeper level this year and when we asked everyone how they’d describe their businesses in one word, these are the feelings that came out on top!

Top 5 vibes in our clients’ businesses in 2022:

1. Community

2. Welcoming

3. Friendly

4. Chill

5. Inclusive

Honestly the results for this one have us a bit emotional – those values really reflect the way we do things at Punchpass too and we’re so grateful to have clients who are so in alignment with us.

Our Top 5 Offbeat Users

It’s no secret that while Punchpass was initially built for studio businesses and continues to be loved by those in the yoga/pilates/fitness industries, our increasingly flexible software also fits the bill for a wide variety of offerings.

So if you’re doing something a little bit different then you’ll be in good company!

Our top 5 offbeat users in 2022:

1. Jewelry Making Classes

2. Grill/BBQ lessons

3. Dog Training

4. A Woodworking Guild

5. Kids Coding School

Top 5 Punchpass Team Highlights

In 2022 we were super excited to get the whole remote team together in real life for the first time in a long while (thanks COVID!).

We covered a lot of ground in a few days together and agreed that while the year has had its ups and downs, these have been the top highlights for our team:

Top 5 team Punchpass highlights for 2022:

1. Getting together for our team retreat (featuring many snacks, hikes and laughs!)

2. Successfully launching our new plans (a true team effort!)

3. Utilizing our creative and volunteer days (to do some good while getting paid!)

4. Our end of year international, multicultural gift exchange (always some fun surprises in the mix!)

5. Launching our very own podcast (fantastic to learn more about our clients and share the love!)

Top 5 Punchpass Employees

And finally our most important list – as a remote team who mostly work from home our furry friends are our substitute colleagues, sounding boards and confidants.

But we could never narrow this list down to just 5 favourites so please meet the whole Punchpass crew of the goodest boys and girls:

Top 5 Punchpass employees

1. Mac 🥰

1. Bobby 😍

1. Bruce 😘

1. Frisco & 1. Haley 😚😚

1. Luna (the cat!) ❤️

1. Luna (the dog!) 😍

1. Sunny 🥰

Bonus rounds!

Prefer to see things by the numbers? Let’s jump into a couple of bonus rounds and explore some juicy statistics.

The Punchpass community did A LOT in 2022!

Bonus round #1: Running the numbers

Together our clients:

  1. Created 18,470 New Class Offerings
  2. Uploaded 47,380 Resources to their Content Libraries
  3. Ran 4,665 Series
  4. Added 1,840 New Class Locations
  5. Created 173,329 Zoom Meetings
  6. Offered 5,111 Discounts
  7. Wrote 122,828 Notes

And our ultimate stat roundup…

Bonus round #2: Fun facts to learn and tell!

  1. The most popular day of the week for classes in 2022 was Tuesday! 📅
  2. Customers made the most reservations AND pass purchases on Mondays!💸
  3. Customers were clicking “Reserve my spot” most often between 1pm-2pm. So you should consider syncing up important class announcements around lunchtime in 2023 🥪
  4. The highest attendance rates this year happened in March. So maybe now’s a good time to get plans in motion for a special workshop or series in March 2023 ✨
  5. Members sign up all year, but January had the highest rate for new memberships in 2022. Catch that New Year’s resolution glow with recurring revenue all year long 🥂

It’s  been one heck of a year and we know we’re not alone in feeling a bit worn out at the end of it all. Time for some resting and recharging so we can launch ourselves into another exciting year at Punchpass!