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October 27, 2022

Whether you run your business alone or you have a studio with lots of instructors and multiple locations, there’s a fit for you at Punchpass with our new plans: ** The Willow Plan is our new feature-packed plan at a budget-friendly price point. It’s perfect for solo teachers, PTs, and anyone wanting a professional way to keep their class offerings organized without breaking the bank. ✌🏼 ** The Banyan Plan is not changing at all, and we expect it to continue to be our most popular plan. You can elevate your offerings with recurring memberships, waivers, an online content library, series, waitlists, tickets, discount codes, and more. The array of features and flexibility you get for the price is tough to beat. ** The Redwood Plan is the ultimate package, designed to provide even more flexibility and customization. It includes customizable intake forms to let you collect the information you need from customers upfront and remove the administrative hassle of collecting it after registration. You can also tag your customers, so you can begin to segment your customer list any way you’d like. A customizable homepage is provided too, giving you the ability to highlight studio events and special promotions.