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*NEW!* Now you can offer free passes online :)

February 1, 2023

We’ve made it much easier for you to “sell” passes for free! Just fix the price as $0 and set it to sell online. That pass will be listed on your public pass sales page with a price of $0. When a customer selects the pass, they are prompted to complete the form (so you have their contact information), but then they are NOT redirected to Stripe — they receive the “thank you” confirmation and an email receipt with the $0 sales price noted. The regular limitations around WHO can ‘buy’ the pass are still valid. For example, you can limit $0 passes only to new customers, or only 1 purchase per customer. So if you want to make a free trial pass available to make your studio as welcoming and inclusive as possible, offer a free one 🙂 This should be a great tool to help with your marketing efforts!