Put Your Revenue on Autopilot with Memberships

Recurring memberships provide your business with a steady stream of income so you can focus on what you do best. Punchpass has the most comprehensive, easy to use membership system available. See how memberships can help you grow....

Simple but Powerful

Keep track of hundreds of memberships at once, and easily see what problems need attention.

Issue Passes Automatically

Tracking memberships separately from your pass management software means tedious reconciliation. Let Punchpass issue your membership passes automatically.

Flexibility to Adjust to 'Real Life'...

Fixed memberships don't do well in the real world - and Punchpass gives you the ability to pause, extend, and mange your memberships to handle the curveballs your clients throw at you.

  • Mark a membership a 'Cancel at a future date' -> No more stickies on your monitor or calendar reminders!
  • Pause memberships (and the auto billing) and renew at any time. The customer passes are paused as well.
  • Easily change the renewal date on a membership to reflect your business policies. Need to have every membership renew on the 1st of the month? No problem!

Chasing Customer Payments is a Hassle. So Don't.

Our deep integration with Stripe allows comprehensive online payments management. Payment problems are easy to spot, and Punchpass gives you the tools to resolve them fast.

  • Your customers can update their membership payment details, OR convert their offline paid membership to be paid via credit card
  • Save card information allows you to create another membership from the original payment source, which makes switching memberships a breeze!
  • Track memberships paid via cash/check in the same place as credit card payments, to get a full
  • Quickly see what auto payments are failing so you can reach out

Predictable Income = 🔥 Business Growth

Focus on Your Business

Less time on administration means more time doing what you (and your customers!) love.

Stop Wasting Time

Tracking down payments from customers is not why you started your business.

Reduce Income Stress

Recurring revenue means you know how your next month is going to be BEFORE it happens.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Customers love not having to remember to buy a new pass. The predictable expense is a positive for them too!

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