Features You Need Right Now

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Monetize your online classes & keep your community together.

Punchpass has seamless integration with Zoom so you can offer your live classes online while using Punchpass to show your schedule online, accept reservations, sell passes, and keep track of attendance.

Content Library for Recorded Videos

An integrated content library gives you a one-stop showcase for the classes you've recorded on video.

It's an additional revenue source for your business.

You can offer your passes on a sliding scale to give a break to clients who can't afford your regular rates right now.

The COVID-19 Resource Guide
for Fitness Studios

Knowledge you need to get through this critical time

A Beginner's Guide To Filming Fitness Class Videos Like a Pro

Have you been thinking about filming some on-demand video content for your fitness business? These tips will help you create videos your customers will love.

How to Build a Successful Online Workout Library

In the online world, you have no choice but to compete with free, online fitness classes. Use these successful strategies from industry-leading clubs to get your share of the market.

Top 10 Strategies to Keep Your Fitness Studio Strong During COVID

Here they are!  We talked to studio owners like you who told us their proven strategies that have helped during COVID. Here are the 10 best strategies for you to weather the COVID crisis.

10 Ways to Engage and Recapture Your Fitness Studio Members

During the COVID crisis, many studio owners are using creative ways to build class attendance and pass sales. Use these tips to engage & recapture members.

How to Set up Online Workshops & Courses

As your business evolves during COVID, online workshops, training and special events are an essential tool for reopening and rebuilding. Here's how to package and sell special courses.

How to Price Your Services During COVID

You need a pricing structure that will help you engage lapsed clients, attract new students and keep everyone happy and healthy. Here's how to price your services.

How Fitness and Yoga Studios Are Reopening Post-COVID

Fitness business owners from around the globe talked about how they are handling their reopening with us.  No matter where a business is run, health concerns and safety measures are universal.

Why Hybrid Classes Can Provide a Good Balance

Many customers are not ready to return to in-person classes. “Hybrid” classes, offering live, online participation alongside in-person instruction, are a good option for businesses trying to get the right balance.

Why Small Classes and Personal Training Could Save Your Business

Indoor group fitness classes are undoubtedly risky while Covid lurks. Private and small group training sessions may be key to the survival of your gym, yoga or dance studio.

Why Empathy Is Your Greatest Asset During Reopening

Your clients and staff will have plenty of questions and concerns as your business begins to reopen. We've put together our top 5 customer service tips to help you prepare.

How to Build an Online Fitness Business

Boost your existing business or strike out on your own with a suite of online offerings. Your reach is limitless, and now is the perfect time to get started.

When Is It Safe To Reopen Your Fitness Studio?

As stay-at-home orders are lifted, questions remain about how people can actually workout together in the midst of a pandemic.

How Fitness Studios are Fighting Coronavirus: Online Classes

Studio owners are keeping their communities together by offering online classes to their grateful clients.

Staying Motivated During COVID-19: A Guide for Gym Owners

It's tough to run a fitness business right now. Here are some tips for staying strong despite the ups and downs.

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Webinars to Guide Your Journey

Learn while you listen about these timely topics

How Your Studio Can Succeed in a COVID-Fearing World

In-person fitness and yoga classes are back! But COVID still lurks. Here's how to keep your business energized and thriving despite the fears that still exist within your community.

How to Reopen With Confidence Post-COVID

We've moved into the reopening phase, and you face the transition back to in-person classes. In this webinar, we'll give you solid advice on how to plan what's next for your community.

Online Classes: Lessons Learned & Tips for Success

In this webinar, we're passing along some tips from others who've been in your shoes & who have successfully transitioned to running online classes as a response to COVID-19.

COVID-19 -Stay Strong & Offer Your Classes Online

Your classes -- and the physical and emotional support they provide -- are more important than ever. In this webinar, we'll give you the tools you need to begin offering online classes to your community.

Yoga Studio Success Stories: Taking Business Online

The M.B.Om podcast recently shared lots of great insights about how studios have succeeded with online classes. Punchpass's own Victoria was the featured guest.

Success Stories To Learn From

Get great ideas and inspiration from others

Bill - Hot Yoga Burlington

When the Coronavirus forced his hot yoga studio to shut down, Bill O'Connor immediately started offering classes online to keep his community connected and thriving.

Dana - Asana Yoga Center

Dana Darr took her yoga studio online and unexpectedly rejuvenated her business.

Fitness Studio Owners' Quick Pivot

Fitness businesses changed from in-person to virtual operations almost overnight. Owners shared their stories on the Rework podcast, including Punchpass CEO Chris Patton.