NEW! Track No Shows with Punchpass

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Do you have customers who book in advance & then don’t show up? Now you can track your no shows so you can consistently and fairly follow your policy around these situations. Here’s how it works:

While you’re taking attendance, you can see all pending reservations that your customers have made.

An example of a customer's reservation waiting to attend class in Punchpass.

When someone with a reservation doesn’t show up for class, you’ll mark them as attending. Then, just update the status of that attendance to “no show.”

An example of a customer's attendance being changed to a no show in Punchpass.

When you follow these steps, the customer’s pass will be deducted AND they’ll be marked as a no show for that class.

An example of a customer's no show in Punchpass.

As part of this new feature, we’ve added a new “No Shows” report as well – so you can always trace back to these situations.

An example of the no show report in Punchpass.

Want to make a one-time exception to your rule and NOT deduct a customer’s pass? You can edit the no-show & forgive that attendance. Your records will still reflect that it was a no show unless you change that status.

Now you can follow your policy with full traceability and no questions asked!