NEW! Pre-Pay For Classes

There’s a new way to collect payment for your classes and workshops in Punchpass - right at the time of booking! You now can mark a class as ‘Pre-Pay’, which will prompt your customers to pay for the class ahead of time when registering.

This is ideal for workshops, and other one-off events where you want to collect payment ahead of time so you don’t need to worry about it on the day of the event.

You must allow online pass sales via Stripe to use this feature.

Here’s a brief overview of how it works:

First - You go to the class in Manage Account, Manage Classes, and mark the class as Pre-Pay. You’ll be prompted for a price.

Screen shot of the button to enable pre-pay for a class

Screen shot of the form to enter a price to charge customers for a class

Then the booking form for the class will look like this for your customers - they’ll be prompted for their credit card details to sign up.

Screen shot of the booking form for pre-paid classes.

These reservations are then marked as ‘Pre-paid’ – no separate pass purchase is required.

Have a customer who wants to book in advance but pay separately? Sure – you can create a reservation for them within Punchpass and then take payment later (via credit card or any other method). That reservation will be marked as paid when you collect. This is great for customers who call to register and then pay you the next time they’re in the studio!

We’re excited about this addition, as it greatly simplifies the registration process for workshops and gets you paid faster - both good things!

Watch The Video Below To Learn More