Customize The Email Receipts Your Customers Receive

We’ve added the ability to customize the email receipts your customers receive (if you choose) when you assign them a pass. This let’s you add your own personal flavor/style to the message (yeeha!!) AND allows Punchpass to be used in countries where English is not the primary language.

Every account is set up with a basic generic message - but we encourage you to improve it! Here’s how:

1) Click on Manage Account in the navigation bar, then on Edit Company.

2) On the right side you’ll see two fields to edit the email. One for the subject line, one for the email text. Simply edit them and click ‘Save Company Changes’ We recommend you also fill out as much of the right side of that page as you can…it will make your email receipts look much more professional.

If you’d like to test the email receipt, simply create a test customer with your email address. Then just have that customer ‘buy’ a pass (don’t forget to check off the Email Receipt checkbox!)