Top 5 Unexpected Bonuses That Come with Your Online Booking Software

Tuesday, August 27, 2019
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The days of paper punch cards and sign-in sheets are over (thank goodness!) as many studio owners switch to online management software to better manage their studio (and students’) needs. The big benefits are obvious, but there are some extra bonuses that you may not have considered. We've rounded up our favorite surprise benefits here.

1. You’ll know who is coming to class

You and your teachers spend a lot of time planning amazing classes. It can be tough when your studio is drop-in based and you have some unexpected arrivals after beginning to teach a meticulously planned class. Booking software lets you (and your instructors) can see your customer list at a glance (including any health concerns or considerations) prior to class time so you can take that information into account when sorting out your sequencing and making other decisions.

2. Letting your customers know about changes and cancellations is super simple

No more last-minute notes on the studio door! With the digital reach that software gives you, it's easy to let your customers know about upcoming changes – either ahead of time or at really short notice.

You can sub in another teacher, add a note to the public calendar or cancel a class. If students were already booked in then you can email them all and let them know that something has been changed or canceled – easy!

3. You can keep your classes full (and charge for no-shows if you like)

Class management software helps you set different student limits for your different classes.

Do you want a room packed full of sweaty vinyasa yogis? You can do that. Want to give your yin yoga students a bit more room to spread out and manage props? You can do that too.

Software lets you can set individual class limits and then add a waitlist to control overbooking. So you can make sure your classes are as full as possible while still keeping your students happy and coming back for more. And if a customer cancels after your studio's deadline, you can even automatically charge for the late cancellation while filling up the empty slot with someone who's waiting to join you.

4. You can keep an eye on the studio even when you’re not there

Want to keep an eye on your teachers? Need to let them know about something happening in their class or at the studio?

Software that's web-based keeps everyone on the same page since everything happens in real time across the same platform. Even if you’re not at the studio you can keep tabs on attendance taking as it happens and clean up any issues as they come up.

You can also add a class note that your instructors will see when they login to take attendance and flag individual customers if there’s anything out of the ordinary going on.

5. You won’t need a big fat website (but you can still have one if you like!)

Haven't gotten around to building a website for your little business?  Great online booking software will give you hosted webpages that can easily serve as your proxy website so you can have a professional digital presence without the bother.

The best software can give you custom weblinks (branded with your business logo) so you can make all of your studio information available via Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else you can share a weblink. Your customers will be able to access your studio schedule, detailed descriptions of classes, your announcements, pass purchase information, upcoming workshops and events and much more.

Already have a website? You can embed the web pages your software provides to give your clients a seamless (and beautiful!) user experience.

We're convinced! Are you?

P.S. If you don't have a good system yet, you can click here to give Punchpass a try. That's the best system we know! 😀