Customer Logins for your Fitness or Yoga Studio

Give your clients easy access to their past & future activity.

Let them register for multiple classes quickly too.

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An image showing Punchpass fitness class app from a customer's login perspective.
An image showing a customer's class schedule with fitness class bookings and reservations.

We’ve considered all the details

  • You can require your customers to log in and pay before booking. Or keep logins optional for those customers who want them.
  • Your customers can see how many visits they have left on their current pass without having to ask you.
  • Your customers can just click right through your Punchpass schedule online to log in and make a reservation.
  • Once customers log in, they’ll see their upcoming reservations right on the schedule.
  • Customers can see their complete attendance and pass usage history.
  • Want to pre-screen your clients? You can allow only your pre-screened customers to log in and make reservations.

Give your customers everything in one place.


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