Punchpass Customer Profile:

360 Yoga

Leah Richards

Chicagoland Area, Illinois, USA


When high-impact exercise proved too much for her physical limitations, Leah turned to yoga for physical, mental and emotional strength.

“Punchpass is a stress-free way to keep me organized and communicate with my clients.”

In January of 2009, Leah Richards mysteriously became very ill. Still not feeling quite herself three years later, she was diagnosed with Narcolepsy, Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s Disease—an autoimmune disease that was killing her thyroid. Now, after having her entire thyroid gland removed and on five different medications to help regulate her levels, she turned to yoga for stress management and health benefits. “Because of all the medical issues I now have, high impact fitness such as Crossfit, running, and even the stairmaster are too hard on my body.”

Leah became yoga certified in August 2013 and began instructing right away. She started her own company, 360 Yoga, and currently instructs at seven different locations. “I’m an independent contractor; I am my own business,” she says. 360 Yoga is Leah’s full-time job. She wears all the hats in the business: she’s the owner, instructor, bookkeeper, and promoter. “I absolutely love being my own boss and interacting with all of my clients. It’s so rewarding to watch my clients grow in their yoga practice in each class they attend.”

When starting her business, Leah found Punchpass to be an affordable solution to sell class passes. “Punchpass is a stress-free way to keep me organized and communicate with my clients.”

When asked what her favorite element of Punchpass is, she said, “How simple it is to navigate, and the amazing customer service I have received.”

Since organizing her business was no longer a problem after using Punchpass, Leah says the biggest challenge in starting her own company was her physical limitations due to her medical history. “The biggest challenge in opening my own yoga business is being a plus-size yoga instructor in a size zero industry.” Making no excuses and owning her body as @TheCurvyYogi on Twitter, Leah is an inspiration to us all.

When not instructing yoga, Leah enjoys the simple things in life: coffee, peaceful surroundings, and being with the people she loves. Leah is also a Reiki Practitioner and currently in school to become a massage therapist.

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