Why Be Generic When You Can Be AWESOME?

Time for a little quiz!  How many different ways does Punchpass let you customize your messaging?  Let’s take a quick inventory:

Punchpass sends automatic email confirmations on your behalf, including:

  • Pass purchase receipts
  • Pass expiration notices
  • Reservation confirmations (if you allow registrations/class bookings) 

These emails are ALL customizable…so you tell your customers exactly what you want them to know in each of these situations.

You can also customize the wording you show:

  • At the top of your public schedule page
  • Within each of your class descriptions
  • At the top of your public pass purchase page (if you sell passes online)
  • Within each of your pass descriptions

As you may know, Punchpass ALSO allows you to send custom emails to your customers anytime you like.  You can send a particular email to one or multiple customers at a time.  Our customers LOVE being able to send customer emails on the fly right from Punchpass.

So…how many different types of custom message can you send with Punchpass?  I counted 8!  Pretty sweet.  For simple online scheduling software, there is a LOT of flexibility with how you communicate to your customers.  

What do you like most about Punchpass?  We’d love to hear from you :)

Punchpass provides simple software for managing your fitness studio.  

Still using paper or spreadsheets to run your studio? Or struggling with complicated software? See how Punchpass can improve your life!  Learn more about Punchpass here.