Updated Purchases Page

An updated version of the Purchases page is live today. Now that many customers have been using PunchPass for 3+ months, the long list of purchases wasn’t very helpful. Here are the changes we’ve made so far:

Monthly Details Up Top

At the top of the page we have a summary list of your pass sales by month. We are keeping it simple for now with the # of passes sold, total sales, the # of classes you taught, and the revenue per class. Keep in mind that this revenue per class is a VERY rough number - we will be breaking down per class revenue in greater detail soon. If you enter ‘old’ passes when first starting to use PunchPass your first month numbers may not match reality (for example you enter a lot of $100 passes, but they only had 2 punches left on them.)

View Individual Purchases One Month At A Time

The Purchases page defaults to showing you the purchases for the current month. To change the month, simply click the Month you want to see. It will only show you months where you sold a pass. If you are looking for specific details about a purchase that happened more than one month ago, we still recommend you find it via the customer details page. It’s just faster than scanning through a long list of purchases.

Hope this helps make the Purchases page more usable!