Standing Reservations - New!

You can now add Standing Reservations to pre-register your best customers for their regular class times. So you can manage the spots in your classes better AND provide great service for your loyal clients!

An example of a customer's standing reservation in Punchpass.

To create a standing reservation, just click on Class Reservations (from your Home page), then the Standing Reservations button. Standing reservations may have an end date or be left open ended.

Creating a standing reservation in Punchpass.

Customers are NOT notified when you create a standing reservation for them (but you should email them!)

The individual class reservations can be canceled (if a customer can’t make it to class that day) without changing the standing reservation time. Customers can do it themselves if they have a login.

If you need to cancel the standing reservation altogether, you can do that easily through the customer’s profile.

Standing Reservations are available on any of our current plans that offer online reservations. (Bamboo-Reservations, Birch, Buckeye, Banyan)

Let us know how you like them!