Instructor Logins - Restricted & simpler views

Instructor level users of Punchpass (that’s non administrative users) now have a few more restrictions in order to protect your Punchpass account.

Users you create who are NOT admins on your account cannot…

  • see the customer reports
  • download the customer CSV
  • see your customer’s email addresses on the View Customers page so they cannot copy/paste the customer list

None of these changes prevent your instructors from doing the basic tasks in Punchpass - adding a pass to a customer account, editing customer information, or taking class attendance.

Further, we have introduced the ability to restrict the CLASSES view so that Instructors only see classes which they are teaching. That makes their view easier to manage (for example if they are accessing Punchpass on their phone) and prevents people from seeing what happened in other Instructor’s classes.

Instructor level logins are available on our Studio Plan. We hope this helps you keep your account secure, while allowing others to log in and service your customers.