Changes To PunchPass - Consolidate Actions

We’ve made a few changes to how PunchPass works in order to make the program a little simpler. No functionality is going away….we just consolidated some of it to make room for future enhancements. So what changed?

Consolidated Infrequent Actions

One issue we had before is that the ‘home’ page for PunchPass was taken up by a few buttons that were rarely used: Instructors, Passes, and Classes. These are things that are typically set up right when you get started with PunchPass, but then are changed pretty infrequently. So we have consolidated them into the ‘Manage Account’ link in the upper right.

Clicking on that will show you a screen where you can:

1) See the passes you sell and either edit the current ones or add more:

2) Add / Edit / Delete Instructors

3) Add / Edit / Delete the Classes you teach

For the Classes & Instructors, you can add new ones right on this page. This makes getting going on PunchPass even faster.

The homepage is still a ‘work in progress’ - there are more things to come. The Reports is a bit of a tease…but it is coming very soon and the wait will be worth it!