NEW! Passes Are More Powerful

We’re giving you two new ways to structure how your passes work within Punchpass.  This gives you the flexibility to create passes that work best for you AND your customers!

Future Start Date

You can now create a pass that will become eligible for use a on a date in the future.  Selling your ‘New Years Resolution’ passes now, but don’t want them used for attendances in December?  Set the future start date to Jan 1st, and you are all set!  There is nothing you need to do, the pass will automatically become eligible for use on Jan 1st.  More information is here.

Option TO ‘Pend’ A Pass Until First Use

Normally when a pass is assigned to a customer, we set the start date & expiration date of the pass immediately. Now you have the option of creating ‘Pending’ passes, where the start date & expiration date get set when the pass is used for the first time.

So a Pending pass is available for attendance, and when it is used we set the appropriate dates.  For example, a customer buys a 1 month pass on December 2nd, but uses the pass for the first time on December 10th.  The expiration date is then set to January 10th instead of January 2nd.

This is great for passes that are bought online, but not used right away, or for things like gift certificates.  Learn more in our Knowledge Base