Online Waivers Now Available

Online Waivers Now Available on Punchpass

They are finally here! Online Waivers are now available in Punchpass. So you can collect digital signatures from your clients right within the system.

We spent a lot of time thinking through the different ways a customer can sign the waiver with the goal of making waivers as convenient for your customers as possible.

There are multiple ways to get your customers to sign the waiver. You can….

  • Send via direct email from Punchpass. Clicking a button in a customer’s profile will allow you to quickly send an email request for signature. There’s a pre-populated message that you can edit before sending. Included in the email will be a custom link to let the customer sign the waiver online.

  • Copy and send a personalized link. Copy the link provided and send via text, WhatsApp, etc. Customers do NOT need to log in to sign the waiver.

  • Customer logs in and signs. If your customers have login access to Punchpass (via the Banyan Plan), they are prompted to sign the waiver if they haven’t already done so.

  • Let the customer sign in person. What if the customer is standing right there? Click a button in their customer account and a page will open with the waiver and the signature box.

  • Mark the waiver as signed yourself. If you have a copy of a signed paper waiver already, then you can use this option to quickly bulk mark customers as having signed.

The prompt for clients to sign the liability waiver.

All signed waivers are stored as PDFs. Your customer is emailed a PDF copy as well when they sign. And as always with Punchpass, your data is never kept hostage – you can retrieve your signed waivers at any time.

How do I learn more?

To learn all the nitty gritty details, visit our support section about Online Waivers. Waivers are available on our Banyan plan OR as a $20/month upgrade to the Bedrock plan.

Our goal is to make waiver management as simple as it can be. As always, we love hearing your feedback! :)