No website? No problem! Post your schedule on Facebook instead

Monday, February 8, 2016

Don’t have a website for your yoga business or fitness studio?  No worries!  You can show your Punchpass schedule on your Facebook page instead.  From there, your customers can view or reserve classes.  They can make online pass purchases from there as well.

Punchpass lets you share your schedule as a status update & pin it to the top of your Facebook page.  

When it posts, It looks something like this on your timeline…

To set this up, you start by going to your Punchpass-hosted page.  You can find that link by going to Manage Account => Website Embed Code.  Your business’ unique link will be listed at the bottom of this page.

That link will take you to your Punchpass-hosted class schedule.  You will see a Facebook share button at the bottom of that page.  Just click on the share button to post your schedule to Facebook.

You can add your own wording at the top to say whatever you prefer.  

If you want to keep your schedule right at the top of your page, you can pin it there.  That way, your customers will always see it right away & be able to access your upcoming schedule right from your Facebook page.  

To pin your schedule to the top, go into the little down arrow on the far top right of the post.  Select “Pin to Top” from the drop-down list.

That’s it!  Now you’ll see a little orange bookmark on the top right of the post to indicate that you have pinned it successfully.

Online flexibility is just another reason that Punchpass is the way to go for your yoga studio or group fitness classes!

Punchpass provides simple software for managing your fitness studio.  

Still using paper or spreadsheets to run your studio? Or struggling with complicated software? See how Punchpass can improve your life!  Learn more about Punchpass here.