New Authentication, 2017 Wrap Up, and 👋 2018!

We’ve been quiet on the blog since November, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard. Here’s a summary of what we have been up to, a brief recap of progress in 2017, and a hint of what’s to come in 2018!

A New Authentication System

In early December we rolled out a new authentication system, rewritten to give us much more control over the log in process, as well as the user and customer account creation processes. Authentication touches every single part of the application, so this was a VERY BIG PROJECT.

Unfortunately I have to say the rollout didn’t go well - there was downtime, confusion, and frustration for our clients and their customers. While we did get things sorted, it was not a great end to the year. We learned a lot about how we can improve our process around implementing that type of change in the future. If you or your customers were affected, we are sorry and are working hard to make sure we don’t repeat those mistakes again.

At this point however, the new system is working great - we have FAR fewer support questions from client customers who cannot figure out how to log in. While there are still a few user creation flows to fix/improve, in general this update sets the foundation for lots of exciting improvements.

Goodbye 2017

While the end of 2017 wasn’t so hot, the rest of it was pretty good! We tripled our headcount, doubled our monthly revenue, and added a ton of new features and functionality to the app. A lot of time was spent improving the internal code of the application, in order to let us continue to add new features as well as improve current ones.

2018 - Exciting stuff on the way!

Online Waivers are launching any day now. A refreshed design of the public schedule and pass purchase pages will also be live soon, as well as significant improvements to Memberships. Beyond that we’ll be improving managing Series, adding Facebook as a login option, adding Apple/Google Pay as options for customers, and spending significant time cleaning up and fixing-for-good some bugs in the application. And that’s just the next couple of months. 😀

We’ve also had the opportunity to work with a design team whom we have admired for some time on a rebrand of Punchpass. we are super excited about the result, and it will be live over the coming months. Here’s a sneak preview!

The new logo for Punchpass!

If you are a current customer, thank you for using Punchpass! And if you aren’t, now is a great time to see how we can help you streamline your fitness business.