NEW! Plan to Succeed with a Reservation Deadline

Do you need to know how many people to expect at class so you can set up properly?   Maybe you’d even cancel class without a minimum number of advance registrants?

Now Punchpass lets you close reservations for a set amount of time before classes start! 

To set this up in Punchpass, click on Manage Account, then Reservation/Schedule Settings.

On the left side, change the number of hours before a class that reservations should be closed.  This applies to ALL classes that accept reservations.  The default is 0 hours.

Don’t forget to click ‘Save Reservation Changes’ at the bottom!

Now if customers click on a class on the schedule and (to use the example above) it’s less than 2 hours before the class starts, they will see a message telling them reservations need to be made at least 2 hours before class starts.

Punchpass provides simple software for managing your fitness studio.  

Still using paper or spreadsheets to run your studio? Or struggling with complicated software? See how Punchpass can improve your life!  Learn more about Punchpass here.