NEW! Switch Passes While Taking Attendance

Picture it:  You’re taking attendance for a customer who has two valid passes - we’ll call them pass A & pass B.  You see that pass A was used for that attendance – but you’d like to switch the attendance to pass B.  Now you can do it on the fly!  Sweet!

While adding this feature, we took the opportunity to beef up the attendance page.

We still highlight the no pass attendance with an orange button. If you click the orange “Needs Pass” button to assign the person a pass, the new pass will automatically have that attendance assigned to it.  We’ve simplified the color coding so this situation stands out to you when you’re in the middle of taking attendance.

Previously, we didn’t specifically show which pass was used for that attendance.  But now we do!

We also changed the way you remove a person’s attendance – by adding the little caret to the left of each attendee’s name, we could expand your options.  Now you can quickly remove that attendance, see the customer’s profile, or change the pass used for that specific attendance.

Hope you enjoy the new look and features.