NEW! Flexible Customer Accounts

When we released customer accounts last month, many in the Punchpass community were thrilled.  The enhanced visibility around passes, reservations and history was just what they and their customers had been waiting for.  But we got a few suggestions for how we could improve. You asked, and we listened. 

Optional Customer Accounts

We heard from a few folks who were concerned about limiting reservations to those customers with accounts – they wanted open access to entice new signups and to accommodate customers who didn’t want an account.  But they wanted accounts to be available to their regulars, who would benefit the most from them. 

Now you can choose to make customer accounts optional for your customers.  This gives your customers the choice, and it is our recommended setup.   To learn more about customer accounts, click here.

Class Specific Restrictions

If you use customer accounts, you can require a customer to have an active pass to make a class reservation… and now you can turn this restriction on or off for different classes on your schedule.  For example, you can require a pass for advanced classes, but not for beginner classes.  Previously, this choice had to be made across all of your classes.

Our goal is to give you the flexibility to set up your reservation system the way that works best for your business.  We’ve created a chart with a few different scenarios - check it out if you are wondering which setup is right for you.