NEW! A Punchpass Plan To Suit Your Taste

Today we’ve launched a wider array of plans for Punchpass.  We designed our new plan structure with two major themes in mind: (1) To provide a comprehensive core plan, and (2) To make choosing a plan simple.

1) Provide a comprehensive core plan

The core Punchpass plan (our new “Bedrock” plan) is better than ever - we’ve added restricted passes, customer self check-in AND unlimited users and instructors.  We don’t believe in user based/instructor based pricing.  Why should you pay more because you want to add another instructor to the system?  

2) Make choosing a plan simple

Our plans now revolve around three major feature sets - online reservations, online pass purchasing, and customer accounts.  You can turn on what you need, and turn off what you don’t!  You choose what feature sets are right for your business, without paying for features you don’t need.

Questions About Our New Pricing

I’m a current customer.  Will my pricing change?

No – not unless you want it to. Current customers are grandfathered into their respective plans (Solo or Studio), including the old pricing and set of features.  In some cases it may make sense to move to one of our new plans. Contact us for further discussion!

Why no user pricing?

We believe your pricing should be consistent as your business grows.  It shouldn’t change based on adding one more instructor or the number of ‘active members’ you have.  That’s not honest pricing.  We have chosen to base our pricing on feature sets because those add tangible benefits to you and complexity to our system.

But some of your competitors include these features (online payments, reservations) in their product for no extra fee!?!

Don’t be fooled - there’s no extra fee but their base price is much higher.  That means EVERYONE pays the extra fee!  We think Punchpass should be within reach of everyone who needs it.

Have a question?  Just let us know.