Liv and Learn Stuck in the Middle

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Fitness Business

Liv advises a studio owner who is tired of being a referee between two of her instructors.

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As we discussed last time, we’ll start with this question from a fitness studio owner…

Dear Liv,

I own a fitness studio.  I have two instructors in my studio who do not like each other.  They each take turns “telling” on the other one, and I’m tired of it!  Their personalities just clash.  I don’t want to let either of them go, but their antics are wearing me out.  What can I do?

- Fed Up in Fresno  

This answer was submitted by a helpful reader…  

If you can’t separate the surly instructors, your best course of action is to let them each know that you won’t be playing referee anymore.  If they have differences, they need to work it out among themselves.  You should also let them know that you expect them to act as the professionals they are, and the best way to get respect from others is to show respect.

Special thanks to “Pragmatic in Pittsburgh” who provided Liv’s answer to “Fed Up in Fresno”

Now it’s YOUR turn to help!  

Read below for a question from another member of our community who’s in need of advice…

Dear Liv,

One of my regular clients likes to stand in the same spot during each class.  That would be fine…but she has been too aggressive in defending “her” spot.  In the latest incident, she was downright rude to a brand new client.  Now I’m worried I’ll never see the new client again!  I don’t know how to address this with her since she is quite touchy and clearly not afraid of a confrontation.  I’m hoping one of your readers has dealt with this problem & has some constructive advice.  I’m at a loss.

Timid in Toronto

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