How To Handle Groupons In Punchpass

A number of our customers use Groupons as a way to get new clients. They can be a great way to get new customers into your class where they can see how fun it actually is! Here is how we recommend handling Groupons in Punchpass.

Let’s say for this example we are offering a 6 visit punchcard that is good for 3 months. Normally we might charge $60 for the card, so for this Groupon, after we take a 50% discount and 25% to Groupon itself, we are receiving $15 in revenue.

1) Set up the Groupon as a separate Pass in the system so you can track it separately. Remember that with Punchpass you can set up any kind of pass that you want. You don’t have to have a ‘regular’ 6 visit pass in order to create a 6 visit Groupon!

2) Don’t forget the expiration date. Often people put expirations on the Groupons, even if there are no expirations on the other passes. Right now Punchpass only handles expirations based on the date of the pass purchase in the system. So that means if there is a ‘hard’ expiration date (like EVERY Groupon expires on May 1st no matter what) then you need to edit the purchase and put that expiration date in manually.

3) This is important - put the price of the pass as the $15 you are receiving. Some of the big Punchpass enhancements over the next couple of months are going to involve showing you your actual revenue per class, based on the passes that were used. So you want to reflect the true revenue you are receiving from that pass.

That’s it! Hope this helps, and as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions about setting things up in Punchpass.