New Report - Which Passes Recently Expired?

We’ve just added a new report to help Punchpass users keep their existing clients coming back - the Expired Passes report. This report shows all passes that have recently expired: Unlimited passes that have expired in the past 30 days, and Punchcards that have been filled in the past 15 days. We exclude any punchcard that only had 1 punch to remove drop-ins from the list.

Further - we show you if the customer currently has an active pass (which means they have purchased a new one - yay!) This lets you focus on the customers whose passes recently filled and who have not purchased a new one yet! This report is another example of the advantages of using Punchpass over a spreadsheet or physical punchcard system - getting this type of data is difficult-to-impossible!

Here’s how to access the report: (Note - be patient as these reports can take a few moments to process before appearing)

1) Click on the big red Expiring Passes button on the homepage

2) This will bring you to the EXPIRING passes page - passes that will expire soon. On the right is a purple button that says ‘Show Me EXPIRED Passes’. Click that to get to the EXPIRED passes report.

3) For the Punchcards part of the report you can click on the column headers to sort the list. So for example, click on the Date of Last Punch, then click on Have Active Pass? BOOM - a list of users who have NOT bought a new pass and whose passes recently expired. Now email them to get them coming back!

We’re excited to get this report live as it gives much better visibility into what is happening with your customer base. Let us know what improvements you’d like to see!