August 2017 Update

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Hello! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying this time of year ☀️. We’ve been busy making some improvements….and we think you’ll like them!

New: Sign In With Google

Woo hoo! Now you can log into Punchpass with your Google credentials. This shortcut works for you and your instructors as you log in to take attendance and manage your business.

Screen shot of Punchpass administrative page allowing the user to sign in using Google credentials

We plan to expand this feature to include customer logins too, so stay tuned for that!

NOTE: Your Google email must match the email you use to log in to Punchpass.

New: Flag A Customer

You can now flag a customer in Punchpass! It provides a little red alert to get the instructor’s attention and a message to tell them what to do.

A client’s flag pops up when you’re taking attendance: A Punchpass attendance screen for a customer who has been flagged.

The flag icon also appears after the customer’s name when you’re looking at reservations or your customer list.

We’ve purposely left this feature very simple because it can be used for so many different situations.

To flag a customer, just go to their profile: An image showing the ability to add a flag to a customer's Punchpass profile.

To remove a flag, just go to the customer’s account and click Remove.

New: Limit Pass Sales To Logged In Customers

Have a special pass or membership that you only want to sell to clients who have logged in (via Punchpass customer logins)? Now you can!

An image showing the Punchpass option to limit the online sales of a pass to members who have logged into Punchpass.

This is particularly powerful if you restrict your customer logins to a limited group of chosen members. You can give them special deals. 💰

If you offer customer logins, you can make this election for a pass when you’re in Manage Account => Manage Passes.

New: Require Phone Number For Reservations

Want to collect mobile phone numbers from everyone who registers for class? You can now require each client to enter their cell phone number when they make a reservation through your Punchpass schedule.

Screen shot of Punchpass public schedule page allowing a customer to book into a class while requiring a customer's phone number

You can make the phone number mandatory by visiting Manage Account (Account Settings) => Reservation/Schedule Settings.

This feature is designed for the Punchpass public reservation form – where anyone can register for class without logging in or paying. It’s not active for pre-pay reservations (yet) or for your clients who have logged in to your business via Punchpass.

Improved: Changing A Scheduled Class Time

Excellent news! We’ve made it much easier to make a time change to a regularly scheduled class. You can just change the class start time in one spot, and all future instances of that class will reflect your new schedule. 😀

An image of a Punchpass admin screen which allows a change to all future class times on the schedule for the studio.

To change your schedule, visit Manage Account => Manage Classes and choose the class name. From there, you can click “manage your repeating schedule” to edit the class start time. That’s it!

NOTE: You should remove reservations from future class times before making a schedule change.

Improved: Cancel A Day’s Classes

Taking the day off? Now you can mark all classes in a single day as canceled.

An image showing how to cancel all classes for the day in Punchpass

Just go to your “Classes” page & select this option from that day’s dropdown. You can learn more about canceling classes here.

Improved: Set Up A Regular Class as Free

Got a regular class that’s free to all? Now you can mark it as free as you’re setting up your schedule in Punchpass. It will be free to your clients every time it’s offered.

An image showing the ability for a Punchpass busines to elect offer a repeating free class to their schedule.

NOTE: This option is available when you create a new class time on your schedule. You cannot edit an existing class time and turn it on or off.

Improved: Adding A Customer Reservation

Now you have a little search box to help you add a new customer reservation for a class when you’re logged in. This helps narrow your options…so you can find the person you’re looking for!

An image showing how to add a class reservation in Punchpass using the new search box feature.

Improved: See Filtered Class Schedule During Setup

We’ve added a filtered view for you to see the schedule for a single course when you’re making schedule changes. This will make it easier than ever to see the exact changes you’re making for a particular class.

A Punchpass image showing the business owner schedule changes for a class.

You’ll see this when you’re managing the repeating schedule for a class via Manage Classes.

Improved: Class Details Reporting

We’ve improved your ability to see all customers who have ever attended a certain type of class. Now the Specific Class Details report lets you choose multiple classes – so you can see a list of everyone who has attended any of those chosen class types at least once.

A Punchpass image showing the business owner their class instructor details by week.

Once you’ve found everyone you’re looking for, you can send them an email right from here too!

Spread The Word

We’d love to see Punchpass in the hands of ALL the studios and teachers who would benefit. Your kind words about Punchpass go a long way with your community. So please share the love! We’d be grateful.

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