A Simple Way to Put Money in the Bank

No shows cost you money!  Liv advises a studio owner with a dilemma.

Dear Liv,

I have a lovely client who only shows up for about half on the classes she registers for.  I have a small studio, and I am losing money on her no shows!  She either forgets about the class (really?) or she cancels at the very last minute.  Not quite sure what to do & thought I’d try your new column to get some advice from someone else in my boat.  

  • Nice in NYC

Honey, you gotta put a stop to this.  It’s time to set a policy and stick to it! Here’s what to do:  

1) Decide how far in advance someone can cancel.  What’s reasonable for your studio?  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, and it works well for us. 

2) State your cancellation policy clearly on your website.  You can add this to the top of your schedule page or within your class descriptions.  With Punchpass, you can customize the message on the email confirmation that you send for reservations too.

3) If you have studio management software, use it to enforce your cancellation policy. We use Punchpass for our yoga studio software, and it’s easy to set the 24 hour limit.  Since clients can cancel reservations really easily if they need to (there’s a link within the reservation email confirmation they receive), there’s really no excuse for not cancelling if something comes up.

4) Now you’ve laid the groundwork to start charging for no shows.  Don’t cancel 24 hours in advance?  You’ll see a punch taken from your punch card.  No questions asked.  Just mark that person as attending to debit their card.  You can make a note of it on your class attendance page that they were no shows, in case they ask about it.

Special thanks to “Best Yoga” who provided Liv’s answer above

Now it’s YOUR turn to help!

Dear Liv,

I need more customers.  What can I do to get them?  The regulars I have just aren’t enough to sustain my business.  I don’t want to give up my dream!  Please help.

- Befuddled

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