Improved Support For Taking Attendance A Few Days After Class

We first designed the Punchpass attendance process around using it in ‘real time’ - right as people are filtering in to the class. But we’ve found that many people like to take attendance by paper and then mark everyone in Punchpass a few days later.

Until today that caused a potential problem for customers whose passes had just recently expired. Their pass status was being calculated based on todays date instead of the class date. But no more! Here is how it works starting today….

For this example we are marking attendance for a class that took place 3 days ago…

The RED arrow shows what is new. Cindy Anderson had a 1 Month Unlimited pass that expired on November 3rd. So it is valid for this class, but is expired today. Her name has been marked in BLUE, meaning a valid pass was assigned for the class. But you are notified that her pass has now expired (and it would be a swell time to email her to get her to renew!)

Please get in touch if you have questions about your clients, or think something doesn’t look right. We are trying to give you as much information as possible about your clients on this page so you know where they stand with your business.