Ooooo Shiny - Icons for iPhone/iPad/Android phones

For many Punchpass users taking attendance and assigning passes takes place on their phone or iPad. Either there isn’t a wifi connection where they teach, or a smartphone is all they’ve got. (And that’s fine - we’ve designed Punchpass to work great on a smartphone with a 4G connection.) But we didn’t want the ‘apps’ to have all the fun, so we’ve made shiny new icons you can add to your homescreen!

Here is how to add the icon: (Note - this is for Apple iPhone/iPad, though there is a similar process for Android phones)

1) Open the browser on your phone and go to Or, you can visit and click on ‘Login’.

2) Log in to your account.

3) Click on the Punchpass logo just to make sure you are on the main homepage when logged in. It should look like this:

4) One iPhones/iPads click the arrow at the bottom of the screen. (In the image above it’s the middle one - the box with the arrow coming out of it.)

5) Choose ‘Add To Home Screen’

6) That’s it! Now you’ve got a quick way to access Punchpass. Keep in mind that because you logged in the system will log you in automatically (this expires if you haven’t logged in for a few weeks.) If you give your phone to your kids you may want to either log out after every session, OR repeat the same process as above but do it from the login screen.

That means you’ll have to log in every time, but it will also prevent your kids from taking attendance by mistake!