How to handle drop ins

While I’m sure you’d love to have everyone paying ahead of time for 10 classes, drop-ins are always going to happen. Here’s how to handle them in PunchPass.

1) Create a pass called ‘Drop In’ and make it a PunchCard with 1 punch.

2) When checking customers in, a drop-in simply buys that 1 visit pass, just like they might buy a different pass. First you check the customer into the class. Assuming they don’t have a valid pass, they will show up as Orange with the ‘Needs Pass’ button next to their name.

Click the needs pass button and assign them the Drop In pass. Don’t forget to change the # of visits to 1!

That’s it - they will now show as Blue in the attendance list, which means they have a valid pass for that class. The zero next to their name is the number of visits they have left - zero is correct since they bought only one and just used it!

If they are a NEW customer then use the New Customer & Pass button to quickly create a new customer and assign them the drop-in pass.

We will be making the process a little faster in the future, but for now these are the steps. Hope this helps!